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1. Non-renewable Energy Sources are consumed faster than we produce them.

1.1. Fossil Fuels

1.1.1. Coal We use coal for generating electricity in power stations generating electricity in power stations

1.1.2. Oil We use oil as fuel for vehicles,for making plastics,paints,detergents, medicines..

1.1.3. Natural Gas We use natural gas for cooking and heating our homes,as fuel for vehicles and for generatig electricity in power stations.

1.2. Nuclear Energy

2. Renewable Energy Sources regenerate faster than we cosume them.

2.1. Solar Energy

2.1.1. solar photovoltaic energy

2.1.2. solar thermal energy

2.2. Wind Energy

2.2.1. Windmills convert wind energy to electricity

2.3. Hydropower Energy

2.4. Biomass

2.4.1. Organic matter from animal and plants used to produced electricity

2.5. Geothermal Energy

2.6. Tydal and wave Energy