Three wins Improvement Philosophy

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Three wins Improvement Philosophy by Mind Map: Three wins Improvement Philosophy

1. Resource library

1.1. Simon Dodds

1.1.1. Other stuff Books Three Wins Bed admission simulator Baseline Statistical Process Control

1.1.2. Documents Will be attahced at later date 4N Games

1.2. Others

1.2.1. Kotter Harvard Change Management GURU Our iceberg is melting Fable Obstructors Failure demand Thedacare

1.2.2. Join

1.2.3. Confidential information Pharmacy Intranet

1.2.4. Videos

1.3. Rooms

1.3.1. Conference Room 3 Sharing/learning/teaching meeting schedule

1.4. Innovation questionnaire

1.4.1. Do you believe? ?Perfect, or... Resisting change?

1.4.2. Do you know it needs to be changed? 5 Whys?

1.4.3. Do you have ideas of how to change it? DONT reinvent the wheel Look to others Look inside yourself Ask others

1.4.4. Have you tried these ideas? ID blocks People Resources Solve Path of least resistance

1.4.5. Was the system improved as a result? No Why NOT Humility Win-win-win ranking Motivation > Quality > Performance

2. What is it?

2.1. Everyone benefits

2.1.1. Patient

2.1.2. Staff

2.1.3. Organisation

3. How do I do it?

3.1. MUST Read

3.1.1. Three Wins Amazon direct Second line Buy from

3.1.2. Summary Chapter by chapter 1 New beginning 2 Win win win 3 Innovation 4 Investigation 6 Complexity 5 Implementation 7 Value stream design 8 Change engine

3.2. 10 Baby Steps

3.2.1. Focus on wins Build Confidence Optimism Achievement

3.2.2. Choose your mindset AVOID War metaphor

3.2.3. Try a new perspective Race Pace each other Can do Cross finish line Hear the cheers Feel the relief Visualise DREAM Become your own customer

3.2.4. Remove the toxic waste Niggles DONT DO HOW

3.2.5. One step at a time in direction of Win-win-win Set first goal Make it possible Achieve it

3.2.6. Celebrate progress Accept praise and GIVE PRAISE

3.2.7. Invest to save Set an example Handle Niggles Nigglers

3.2.8. Learn by teaching Learn by doing Practice skills Challenge comfort zone Change

3.2.9. Ask for help

3.2.10. Never give up "3 feet of gold" Challenge Change

4. How to use this

4.1. Beginner

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4.2. Advanced

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