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Three wins Improvement Philosophy by Mind Map: Three wins Improvement Philosophy
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Three wins Improvement Philosophy

Resource library

Simon Dodds

Other stuff, Books, Three Wins, Amazon direct, Second line, Buy from,, Bed admission simulator, Baseline, Statistical Process Control, Youtube, Try it

Documents, Will be attahced at later date, 4N, Productive Group discussions, Games, Post it note, Quality game


Kotter, Harvard Change Management GURU, Our iceberg is melting, Fable, Quick to read, Easy to read, Powerful HOW TO, Obstructors, Failure demand, Thedacare, 95% waste, 50% eliminated


Confidential information, Pharmacy Intranet



Conference Room 3, Sharing/learning/teaching meeting schedule

Innovation questionnaire

Do you believe?, ?Perfect, or..., Resisting change?

Do you know it needs to be changed?, 5 Whys?

Do you have ideas of how to change it?, DONT reinvent the wheel, Look to others, Look inside yourself, Ask others, Other industries

Have you tried these ideas?, ID blocks, People, ?Laggard, Go around, Others to support, Leave door open, For them to rejoin, Resources, Solve, Leadership, Path of least resistance

Was the system improved as a result?, No, Why NOT, Learn from it, Ask yourself, Ask others, Your competencies for managing change, Get back on the horse, Divide problem and conquer, Humility, Beware, Overconfidence, Arrogance, Arise CONFLICT thinking, Win-LOSE, Heated agreement, Need, Open, Eyes, Ears, Heart, Mind, Win-win-win ranking, Motivation > Quality > Performance, QUALITY driven EARLY ADOPTER

What is it?

Everyone benefits




How do I do it?


Three Wins, Amazon direct, Second line, Buy from,

Summary, Chapter by chapter, 1 New beginning, Context, How to apply knowledge, Challenge, Vascular OPD, Reduce, Waiting time, First appointment, Test, Operations, Number, Visits, Improve, Staff competence, Communications, All carers, Outcome, Side effect, 2004, NHS Innovation Award, Book, Tell story for others, Goal, Advice, Covey, End in mind, Define mission, What, Win-win, Better, Performance, Quality, Why, Sick system, 3 visits, BEFORE treatment, Action, Do nothing, Get nothing, Do SOMETHING, Only chance to success, Asking, Questions, Loads, 5WH, minus, Why, How, Aim, Find out WHAT is happening, Data collection, SELECTIVE, Listening, Advice, Covey, "Seek first to underSTAND before being underSTOOD", 5 Whys, Uncover own unconscious LIMITING assumptions, Challenge, Handling Transition, Letting go, Old habits, Sell PROBLEM, NOT solution, Accept ownership, Neutral zone, New beginning, Team, Belbins roles, Critical, What, Plant, Resource investigator, Monitor-evaluator, Completer-finisher, Team worker, Implementer, Shaper, Coordinator, Listen first, Internal/personal role SWOT analysis, Shift roles, 6 hats, Learning, =Change, =Learning, Model, Conscious-competence, Two factors, Insight, Knowledge, Know-how barrier, Frustrated learning, Leaders/team walk the talk, 2 Win win win, Root causes identified, Poor communication +++, LACKS Patient focus, Motivation, Reframed Hertzberg/Maslow, Safe/secure, Pre-requisite, Outcome, Little resistance/little assistance, Growth, Success, Outcome, Active support, Threat, Expect trouble, Use SWOT to gel team, Win = motivation, Win = quality, Win = performance, Stages, 1, Vision, 4 more motivated, 2, Plan, "Start with the end in mind", Low hanging fruit, Action, Just DO IT, Lessons learned, Wins for everyone, (=stakeholder analysis), e.g. Radiology, STOP dealing with bandages, Small changes BIG WIN, For everyone involved, Fool the bureaucracy, e.g. Treble booked clinics on same day!!, 3 Innovation, Assume solution already exists, DO, Record your findings and then reflect, Ask knowledgeable people, Look to other (industries), Be curious, DONT, Rely on memory, Brainstorm, Know the rules, Consider, Negative brainstorming, Fun, Can be very motivating, e.g. SWOT, Identified, Communication problem, Options, WHAT Characteristics, Desirable/Essential, aka MoSCoW, Before SOLUTIONS, The map, Multiple paths, Low hanging fruit, Use PDSA to manage, = What/how or QFD matrix, The luck, Early SWOT, + Multiple Paths, = Flexibility in face of threats, Pasteur, "Chance favours the prepared mind", 4 Investigation, Innovation, Necessary, Outsiders, Experience, Solutions, Filter options, Approach appropriate, One option, small change, Suck and see/PDSA, Trial & error, Pilot study, Feasibility assessment, Prototype, Large & expensive, Controlled research trial, Team implications, Monitor-evaluator, Critical appraisal, Completer-finisher, Attention to detail, Innovators NOT, Necessarily, Good investigators, Assessing feasibility, Design, Seven-stage, Divide &, Specify, Options, Design, Conquer, Build, Test, Integrate, Deliver, Diffusion, Change principles, 1. "Start with end in mind", How to disseminate learning?, 2. Action, Ask questions, 3. Listen first, Get knowledge, Sharers required, Pass it on, Receptiveness to innovation, Roger's (bell-shaped) curve, Innovators, Early adopters, Early majority, Late majority, Laggards, Die hards, Dinosaurs, Extinct, Explained by, Motivational force, Varies with project, Increase diffusion here, 1 Show change is needed, 2 Show its possible, 3 Broadcast message, Language, "Say it seven times in seven ways", Outside adopters more receptive!!, Than internal majority, Engagement, Stakeholder analysis, Work closely with, Principle co-beneficiaries, get on board/on side, Important potential detractors, Disappointments, Anticipate, Manage risk, Avoid, Move on/move round, Minimise, "All new beginnings start with an ending", Integration, Feasibility study, Part+parts=whole, =Test whole system, Controlled, Measured, Research Study, Rigorous, Team member, Methodical, Meticulous, Be organised, Celebrate small achievements, Minimise risk, Determine best option, Get facts, Ask (uncomfortable) questions, = LARGEST Win-win-win, Communicate regularly, The report, Do it, What, Knowledge gained (lessons learned), Analysis, Results, Summary, incl Stats, Stories, Learnings, AVOID UNTESTED assumptions, Seek to understand, Why, Celebrate successes, Share learnings, Avoid future mistakes, Who to, Major stakeholders, Tailor language, Tipping point, Success requires, Right, Message/idea, Messenger, Message delivery/context, Early adopters part of investigation, Become sellers (Maven), How to ROLL OUT, Barrier to major change, Firefighting addiction, i.e. DONT want permanent solution, Will I still have a role?, "Every SYSTEM delivers exactly the change it is designed to give", Adoption, Sudoku, Why so popular, It's challenging, Accessible, Different grades, It's solvable, Personal satisfaction, Distribution, Every newspaper, Early adopters++, Useful metaphor, Several simultaneous objectives, Various grades of difficulty, Low hanging fruit, Harder to harvest, Success ingredients, Persistence, Innovation, Rigour, Problem solving success requires, Theory of, Practice, 6 Complexity, Where to start, Do something, Ask questions, 5WH, Think, Outside comfort zone, The game, Sudoku analody, First, Low hanging fruit, Divide and Conquer, 27 squares, Team=28, 1 coordinator, + 1 person/square?, Inefficient resource use, Team=4, 1 coordinator, 1 rows, 1 columns, 1 squares, Better resource use, The paradigms, Reached complexity limit?, Options, 1 Avoid the complex problem, 2 Simplify problem so can understand it, 3 Divide problem up into smaller bits that can be understood, ie. Divide and Conquer, Beware, Worldviews, Men and the elephant, Whole is greater than sum of parts, Spending time in HEATED agreement!, Do, Get information flowing, Translate problem, Different languages, Suitable to recipient, e.g. 4 person Sudoku team, Language 1 = Rows, Language 2 -= Columns, Language 3 = Squares, Effective communication, Group understanding, Solution, DO this, Manage communiations, Audience specific, Several languages, "Any reasons why we should NOT..", The constraints, Balance 3 wins, Goal 1, Paradigm, Patient, Objective, Quality, Standard, No mistakes, Goal 2, Paradigm, Staff, Objective, Motivation, Standard, No threats, Goal 3, Paradigm, Organisation, Objective, Performance, Standard, No waste, Use value stream design, The solution, =, People, Competency, Training, Appraisal, Support, Processes, Competency, Design well, Computer analogy, Brain, CPU, Idle until process, Designed, Deployed, Processes, Software, Useless without appropriate CPU, Interdependency, Quality, Performance, Beware, Damaged staff, Toxic emotional waste, Demotivation, Cynicism, Anger, Aggression, Blame, Unconstructive behaviours, Success brings new challenges, e.g., Better flow, Higher throughput, Higher complexity, Patient mix, Demotivating, Root cause, Booking system, Stream patients, See example later, Equation, Competent staff, nb Toyota, Excellent staff, TPS Training, + Competent processes, Toyota, = Synergy and Success, The model, Determinism, e.g., Sudoku, Single rule applied rigorously, Valid option, Right rule (process), + Processor, = Success, Applicable to healthcare?, Yes BUT, Less determinisitic, Need human brain to exercise judgement, BUT, Need processes that WORK, Support staff, NOT damage them, Fit for purpose, How to design, The simulation, Vascular OPD problem, Booking system capability, Need, Sophisticated booking system, Work with less sophisticated PAS, Easily implemented by ward clerks, Using paper, How, Test scenarios, Know case mix, DES, Discrete event simulation, Like Value Stream Mapping, On Steroids, i.e. Large numbers put through simulator, Test robustness of model, In complex environment, Considers COSTS, Has PDSA Synergy, Complements it, Mapping patient centred processes, "The Patients Journey", Sarah Fraser, ABC, Lessons learned reinforced, A, Accept ownership in order to find a solution, B, Believe a solution exists, C, Courage to make the commitment to make the changes, 5 Implementation, =Project management, Team members, Team worker, Human aspects handled sensitively, Implementer, Tasks done according to plan, Communication plan, Potential showstopper, Chalk and cheese, Innovation, Implementation, Project failure, High criticality, Minimise failure risk, KISS, High dependency, Minimise dependency, The finish, Intention-achievement GAP analysis, Use initial outcome measures, Team member, Completer-finisher, Tidy up loose ends, Project report, Complete, Finish, Finalise finances, Filing the paperwork, 7 Value stream design, Meaning, V, Value the patient wants, S, Stream, Flow (patients, info, work, expenses, revenue), D, Design, Creativity, + Effort, = Processes that work, Measure it, 3 wins, Quality, Higher, Performance, Better, Staff motivation, Improved, Translation, Three wins, into Lean-Sigma-TOC Language, Love it, 8 Change engine, 3 wins change cycle, Implementation, Changes external environment, to..uncover new problems, Innovation, Investigation, Prototype, Feasibility, Simulation, Pilot, Trial, Solution, Implementation, ...and so on, Cycles within Cycles, Team roles, Shaper, Enthusiasm, Drive, Energy, Coordinator, Driver, Keeps on course, The spiral, Clinical netaphor, Innovation=differential diagnosis, Investigation=process of determining final diagnosis, Implementation=best treatment plan for each patient, The lifecycle, Right tools 4 right job, Innovation, Creativity needs, Free from, Protocol, Procedure, Investigation, Rigour, Evidence, Best option, Implementation, Steering groups, Plans, Budgets, Active transition management, The test, Changeability test, 1 Do you feel passionate about the problem?, 2 Do you have any ideas how to solve it?, 3 Do you have the skills to test and implement your ideas?, Answers, Spectrum, Laggard, Late majority, Early majority, Early adopter, Critical factor, People, Shared vision, Individual motivation, Common knowledge, Individual experience, Unique perspectives, Final thoughts, Motivation-quality-performance, No threats-no mistakes-no waste, Right thing-right-place-right time-first time-every-time, 3 wins needs, Building relationships, Inter-dependency, Trust and cooperation, Respecting differences, Combining strengths to bridge gaps, Synergy, Establish common values, Building shared vision, Solution for everyone, Confidence and trust, Increased, Knowledge, Insight, Removes, Fear of failure, Change=positive opportunity to improve PERSONAL BEST, Challenge, Builds motivation, Improves EVERYONES experience, DES powerful, Facilitates, Root cause analysis, Steps, Believe, Ask questions, Listen

10 Baby Steps

Focus on wins, Build, Confidence, Do your BEST, 4 yourself, 4 others, Optimism, Motivate others by example, Achievement, by exceeding PERSONAL BEST

Choose your mindset, AVOID, War metaphor, People obstacles, Targets, Threat, Attack, Battle, Opponent, ?Win/lose

Try a new perspective, Race, Pace each other, Can do, Cross finish line, Hear the cheers, Feel the relief, Visualise DREAM, Become your own customer

Remove the toxic waste, Niggles, DONT, get worked up, DO, Stop, Acknowledge, Step back, Count to ten, Look at it from all sides, Uncover root cause, Dig it out and bin it, HOW, 4N Chart, Simon Dodds

One step at a time, in direction of, Win-win-win, Set first goal, Make it possible, Achieve it, Admire the view, Next goal to WWW

Celebrate progress, Accept praise, and GIVE PRAISE

Invest to save, Set an example, Handle Niggles, Cut the crap, Save time, Nigglers, "I'd be happy to help", Teach them to be Niggle free, And help others

Learn by teaching, Learn by doing, Practice skills, Challenge comfort zone, Change, Learn, Teach

Ask for help

Never give up, "3 feet of gold", Challenge, Change, Learn, Repeat

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