2011 August Anthony Projects

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2011 August Anthony Projects by Mind Map: 2011 August Anthony Projects

1. Open Notebook

1.1. "Best in the world" open notebook

1.1.1. Think about making it easily repeatable ie blogger or wordpress centric.

1.1.2. Good enough and innovative enough to impress dissertation committee, readers, and ONS supporters

1.1.3. Notebooks to study Carl Boettiger's wordpress Jean-Claude Bradley's lab

1.2. tied in with open data, but open data not necessarily the focus...i.e., Steve will continue working with Rob Olendorf on data archiving, curation, etc. w/ Library

1.3. Anthony should meet with librarian

1.4. issues to tackle

1.4.1. private discussions We have lots of planning and interpretation discussions. We have no good way to record these. Steve doesn't have ideas for good solutions

2. Deuterium in life sciences

2.1. Specific deuterium-depletion hypothesis from Lewis 1934

2.1.1. Read Lewis 1934 paper

2.1.2. Tested in Plants Tobacco seeds Arabidopsis Cactus seeds bacteria e. coli single-cell eukaryotes yeast human test on Diego other? It would be awesome to get a hold of a microbe called the water bear, they are known for surviving in the most extreme conditions.

2.1.3. Cellular effects in the presence of d2o, regular water, and ddw Plant cells (leaf, stem) Reported d2o as hypertonic to cells by Brooks in 1937 Human cheek cells

3. Heavy-water stabilization of kinesin

3.1. Continue experiments discussed with Kenji and Nadia

4. Help Pranav

4.1. e.g. make dsDNA

5. Funding

5.1. Continue avenues already found

5.1.1. Hahaha

5.2. Find new avenues

5.3. Help Koch with Fall grants

6. Career

6.1. Continue thinking about next steps in career and preparing

6.1.1. Iheartanthony design

6.1.2. Los alamos position

6.1.3. Something in the field of open science Benchfly

7. discussions

7.1. 2011 8/8

7.1.1. Talked about all projects

7.1.2. Notes macro lens for D40? lots of preliminary projects to start