Pillars of Inbound Marketing

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Pillars of Inbound Marketing by Mind Map: Pillars of Inbound Marketing

1. aka

1.1. engagement marketing

1.2. content marketing

2. Process

2.1. brand

2.1.1. target

2.1.2. frame of reference

2.1.3. unique selling proposition

2.1.4. reasons to believe

2.2. target

2.2.1. develop buyer personas buyer attributes roles, titles company size industry needs frustrations desires motivations goals problems communication channels do i need more data? focus groups surveys observed behavior (online or offline) web analytics

2.2.2. align messaging with buyers capability mapping framing questions diagnostic questions buyer-vision questions solution summary relevant proof points (success story)

2.3. execute

2.3.1. build a messaging architecture

2.3.2. ongoing get found strategize create optimize promote convert visitors to leads leads to customers close the loop adapt page optimization keyword performance persona refinement budget re-allocation

2.4. stumbling blocks

2.4.1. resource allocation and commitment where will content come from? how much will content cost? who will train my staff?

2.4.2. website design, development, deployment custom platform hybrid hosted solution

3. Pillars

3.1. compelling content

3.1.1. goal-oriented, purpose driven

3.1.2. relevant, substantive a result of effective buyer personas

3.1.3. exclusive

3.1.4. brand building or affirming clarifies positioning communicates uniqueness consistent with or evolution of identity

3.1.5. stylistically appropriate

3.2. targeted promotion (driving traffic)

3.2.1. search organic search PPC

3.2.2. social media

3.2.3. email

3.2.4. offline

3.3. automation infrastructure

3.3.1. publishing system (cms) website information design visual design stack programming support other channels

3.3.2. lead capture landing page email list integration

3.3.3. lead management scoring nurturing email lead tracking CRM integration disposition

3.3.4. intelligence website activity social media monitoring

3.3.5. alerts

3.4. continuous improvement

3.4.1. what building/evolving the brand better service more services building/evolving the buyer persona more sales more profitable sales improving productivity lower marketing costs generating more leads

3.4.2. how feedback loops surveys brand monitoring observed behavior meaningful online metrics offline

4. summary

4.1. get found

4.2. convert

4.2.1. visitor-to-lead

4.2.2. lead-to-customer

4.3. analyze