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Vocabulary 1 by Mind Map: Vocabulary 1

1. Antique store - antique objects store

1.1. The Antigque store is too old.

2. Boutique

2.1. The boutique is enough good.

3. Electronics - Technological objects

3.1. The Electronics is too expensive.

4. Flea market - Market the fruit, object.

4.1. The Flea market is too far.

5. Jewelry store - Store where they sell jewelry

5.1. The Jewelry store is too expensive.

6. Mall - Group the shopping store.

6.1. The Mall is too big.

7. Market - Store of food, clothings.

7.1. The market is too big.

8. Perfume Store

8.1. The perfume store is too beautiful.

9. Antiques - Objects old.

9.1. The antiques is too beautiful.

10. Clothing - Utensil to wea

10.1. The clothing is too big.

11. Electronics - technological objects

11.1. The Electronics is too expensive.

12. Jewelry - Object of value.

12.1. The Jewelry is very good.

13. Perfume - Object to smell better

13.1. The perfume smells rich.

14. Stuff - material that composes something.

14.1. That stuff on your upper lip is more down than a real mustache.

15. Broken - Something that breaks down

15.1. The clock was broken.

16. Busy - Person who does not have time for something else.

16.1. I busy, because i need terminate this.

17. Convenient - Something that suits

17.1. This hotel is the more convenient.

18. Crowded - Adjective that represents agglomeration of people.

18.1. The Store clothing that crowded is beautiful.

19. Inexpensive - Something of lesser value.

19.1. The shoes is too inexpensive.

20. Loud - Something with high sound.

20.1. The sound the music is loud.

21. Noisy - something that makes a lot of noise.

21.1. The car is too noisy.

22. Outdated - something that is old.

22.1. The phone is outdated.

23. Overpriced - High price of some object

23.1. The price of bed is too overpriced.

24. Reasonable - Something with which we feel satisfied

24.1. The price of ring is too reasonable.

25. Stressful - Someone who stays busy.

25.1. The man is enough stressful.

26. Tempting - Something that causes us desire.

26.1. The price of the vehicle is very tempting.

27. Trendy

27.1. The Social Networks is too trendy.

28. Used - Something that has already been used by someone else.

28.1. The car is used.

29. Cashier - Object that gives money.

29.1. The cashier is too clean.

30. Complaint - The denunciation of something that is wrong.

30.1. I 'm not happy with the service, so I am going to file a formal complaint.

31. Credit Card - Card with which you can buy.

31.1. The credit card have much money.

32. Good idea - something that is good to do.

32.1. It 's a good idea to use a hoe to control weeds.

33. Line - Is the way to train in a queue

33.1. The line is too large.

34. Shopping Habits - Something that is constantly done to buy.

34.1. Karla have good shopping habits.

35. Store Assistant - person responsible for serving people.

35.1. The store assistan of the mall is too friendly.

36. Be broke - Something or a situation that is not properly armed.

36.1. You have to be broke to get some.

37. Compare Prices - Validate one price with another.

37.1. Kate compare prices of the shoes.

38. Purchase - Exchange of money for an object

38.1. The purchase is good for me.

39. Ship - Vehicule of water.

39.1. The ship is enough large.

40. Shop Online - Store in the internet.

40.1. The shop online is enough good.

41. Spend time

41.1. He likes to spend time with his mom

42. Stand In line

42.1. he stand in line in the bank.