Water, Weather, and Climate

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Water, Weather, and Climate by Mind Map: Water, Weather, and Climate

1. Flood And Droughts

1.1. Floods

1.1.1. Preventing Floods Damming Rivers Moving out of flood plains

1.1.2. Causes Rapid Snowmelt Heavy Rainfall

1.2. Droughts

1.2.1. Human Interference Building dams alters water systems Taking water for drinking

1.2.2. Soil No water, then no life Poor land use means lack of nutrients Soil compaction

1.2.3. Types of Droughts Permanent Droughts Seasonal Droughts

2. Water Is Life

2.1. Human Rights

2.2. Water day

3. Surface Water And Climate

3.1. Causes in temperature difference

3.1.1. Thermal energy heating

3.2. Heat Capacity

3.2.1. Some things that have a heat capaity Gravel Water The Earth

3.2.2. The Earth

3.3. Weather VS Climate

3.4. Heat sinks

3.4.1. Good Heat Sinks Water Aluminum Copper

3.4.2. Bad Heat Sinks Gravel

3.5. Convection

4. Ice and Changes In Climate

4.1. Solid water in the Water Cycle

4.1.1. Ice

4.1.2. Snow

4.1.3. Hail

4.1.4. Sleet

4.2. Effects of Changing Climate

4.2.1. Effects of Climate In Canada

4.2.2. El Nino

4.2.3. Storms And Hurricanes

4.2.4. Global Warming Rising Water Levels