Vocabulary Unit 7

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Vocabulary Unit 7 by Mind Map: Vocabulary Unit 7

1. Electronics store

1.1. Store where they sell computers, accessories, video and audio equipment.

2. Flea market

2.1. A market, usually taking place outside, where old or used goods are sold cheaply.

3. Mall

3.1. A large, usually covered, shopping área, have stores that sell varied products.

4. Jewelry store

4.1. Store sells jewelry.

5. Antiques

5.1. Something made in an earlier period that is collected andconsidered to have value because it is beautiful, rare, old, or of highquality.

6. Electronics

6.1. Appliances that use electricity for the storage, transport or transformation of information.

7. Perfume

7.1. A liquid with a pleasant smell, usually made from oils taken from flowers or spices and often used on the skin.

8. Broken

8.1. Damaged, no longer able to work.

9. Convenient

9.1. Near or easy to get to or use.

10. Inexpensive

10.1. Not costing a lot of money.

11. Noisy

11.1. Making a lot of noise.

12. Overpriced

12.1. Too expensive.

13. Stressful

13.1. Making you feel worried and nervous.

14. Trendy

14.1. Modern and influenced by the most recent fashions.

15. Cashier

15.1. Person whose job is to receive and pay out money.

16. Credit card

16.1. Small plastic card that can be used as a method of payment.

17. Shopping habits

17.1. : Behavior of the buyer with respect to places of purchase, types of places visited, frequency and classes of products.

18. Be broke

18.1. Without money.

19. Purchase

19.1. To buy something.

20. Shop online

20.1. Buy items on internet.

21. Stand in line

21.1. Wait turn to be atended.

22. Antique store

22.1. A shop where antiques are sold

23. Boutique

23.1. Is a small shop that sells fashionable clothes, shoes, or jewellery.

24. Market

24.1. Place where something is sold.

25. Perfume store

25.1. Store that sells perfumes.

26. Clothing

26.1. Clothes of a particular type.

27. Jewelry

27.1. Decorative objects worn on clothes or on the body.

28. Stuff

28.1. When you are referring to them in ageneral way without saying exactly what they are.

29. Busy

29.1. Giving your attention to a particular thing.

30. Crowded

30.1. Full of people.

31. Loud

31.1. Making a lot of noise.

32. Outdated

32.1. Old-fashioned.

33. Reasonable

33.1. Using good judgment.

34. Tempting

34.1. You want to do or have it.

35. Used

35.1. Not new.

36. Complaint

36.1. A statement that something is wrong or not satisfactory.

37. Line

37.1. Group of people or things arranged in a row.

38. Store assitant

38.1. Someone who serves customers in a shop

39. Compare prices

39.1. Compare item price in different stores, to choose the most convenient.

40. Ship

40.1. To send something to a place far away.

41. Spend time

41.1. Invest time in some activity.

41.2. 2SX

41.2.1. q