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Intelligence by Mind Map: Intelligence

1. Genetics: Rathers or not you live with your biological parents, your IQ correlates with the scores of your biological parents.

2. I believe that genetics, experiences and parent behaviors play a huge role in the development of a child. However, I do feel if a child who was born into a low SES home has the same capablities to suceed as anyone else. They may have to work harder but it can be done.

3. If a child is given an IQ test and then has knowledge of their score, does this information decrease the students motivation to succed if they alrady know they are only "average"?

4. Experiences: When given the opprunity to have a mulitple experiences, you gain a wider sense of knowledge. Therfore, you are able to use your prior knowledge to help you accumulate new information and problem solve solutions to your problems.

5. Parenting Behaviors: When your parents read to you, encourage new developemental skills and use complex sentences your are more likely to have a higer IQ.

6. Adaptive: to be able to be flexiable and respond to a variety of situations and problems. Prior Knowledge: the ability to analyze and understand new situations.

7. How children acquire intelligence:

8. Components:

9. Questions/ Critques:

10. Defination:

10.1. Is the ability to be adaptive in certain situations and use your prior knowldge to help resolve conflicts.