Robert Humphrey

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Robert Humphrey by Mind Map: Robert Humphrey

1. Family

1.1. Robert Humphrey as born on October 9, 1751 and was from Ireland and also died on September 19,1834

1.1.1. Mother: Nancy huston

1.1.2. Father: David humphrey

2. Interesting stories

2.1. In 1798 robert humphrey settled in the mcguffey school district and called it west alexander after his wifes last name.

2.1.1. Martha Alexander Humphrey, is an important family member because if it wast for her Robert wouldn't of named the township west Alexander.

2.2. Was born n northern ireland and moved to west alexander in 1751, before his death in 1834

3. Children

3.1. David Alexander Humphrey,

3.2. Robert Humphrey Jr.

3.3. Martha Humphrey

4. Pictures

4.1. picture

4.2. picture

4.3. picture

5. Impact on the Future

5.1. his impact on the future was defiantly about how he made a township name for himself and how property and somehow like people have their own road names.