Pony Boy Curtis

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Pony Boy Curtis by Mind Map: Pony Boy Curtis

1. Characteristics

1.1. Hair

1.1.1. Squared off in back

1.1.2. Light-brown, almost-red hair

1.1.3. Long at the front and sides

1.2. Eyes

1.2.1. Greenish-gray eyes

1.3. Physique

1.3.1. Good build

1.3.2. Looks like soda

1.3.3. Small for 14

1.4. Clothes

1.4.1. Leather jackets

1.4.2. Shirttails out

1.4.3. T-shirts

1.4.4. Tennis shoes

1.4.5. Boots

1.4.6. Blue jeans

2. Personality

2.1. Doesn't understand Soc's behaviour

2.2. Smokes

2.3. Emotional/Sensitive

2.4. Good grades

2.4.1. High IQ

2.5. Doesn't get into mischief

2.5.1. Get in trouble by Danny

2.5.2. Not like other greasers

2.6. Skipped a grade

2.7. Smart

2.8. Thinks that the gang deserves all their trouble

2.9. Scared/Intimidated by Socs

2.10. Likes to watch movies

2.11. Likes to read

2.12. Scared =

2.12.1. Sweat down back

2.12.2. Clammy palms

2.13. Always lies to himself

2.14. Liked nice girls

2.15. When he got mad he snaps

2.16. Think it's not fair that the greasers have all the tough breaks

2.16.1. Socs have spare time River bottom parties Beer blasts Jumping people

2.16.2. Greasers Being jumped Greasers have more than 2 jobs to support Violent/abusive families No fun

2.17. Wants to get out of town to country

2.17.1. Plain people

3. Relations/Characters

3.1. Family

3.1.1. Soda Second oldest brother 16 turning 17 Personality/Life Works at gas station with Steve full time Hates reading Protective Doesn't think Curtis is a kid Smokes Ponyboy loves Soda more Childish Dropped out of school Impatient Doesn't drink Always grinning Comforts Curtis More understandable of pony boy Curtis Enjoys life Always happy-go-lucky Too much energy Sandy (Greaser) Appearance Slimmer than Darry Handsome

3.1.2. Darrel (Darry) Oldest brother 20 Appearance Dark-brown hair Pale blue-green ice eyes Broad-shouldered and muscular Taller than Soda Looks like dad Six-feet-two Handsome Personality/Life Mature Firm Hard Roofs houses Hollers at ponyboy Works long and hard Protective Works too hard for his age Treats Curtis like a little kid Too much energy Didn't go to college Smokes Likes being teased by Soda Movies bore him Rarely grins Expects a lot from ponyboy Likes football Cold Doesn't like Ponyboy

3.1.3. Mom & Dad Killed in car accident 3 brothers only get to stay together if they behave

3.2. Soc Girls

3.2.1. Marcia Personality/Life Barrel racer Liked Two-Bit Appereance Dark brown hair Dresses sharply and edgy 16?17

3.2.2. Boyfriend: Randy & Bob Don't go with them when they are drunk Agressive Jumped johnny

3.2.3. Sherri Valance (Cherry) Personality/Life Barrel racer Nice Does not like fights Could fall in love with Dally Appereance Cheerleader @ Ponyboy Curtis School Good-looking Dressed sharp and edgy Long red hair 16/17

3.3. Gang (Greaser)

3.3.1. Tough

3.3.2. Protective

3.3.3. Grown up with/Like family

3.3.4. Two-Bit Matthews (Keith) Oldest of gang Wisecracker Personality/Life He likes fights, blondes and school Really funny Smokes Smarting off to cops Think life is a big joke Talkative Reminds of Will Rogers Shoplifts Family Confident Doesn't scare easily Like Marcia Appearance Six feet tall Stocky build Long rusty side burns Wide grin Gray eyes

3.3.5. Stick up for eachother

3.3.6. Dallas Winston (Dally) Personality/Life Barely respects any female Arrested at 10 Ponyboy didn't like him but Dally is smart and you had to respect him Smokes Meanest Toughest Coldest Blows steam off in gang fights Hated doing things legally Lots of trouble 3 years-Wild side of New York Sylvia (Greaser) Reform school Family Appearance Small sharp animal teeth Blue eyes White/Blonde hair Elfish face Pointed chin High cheekbones Lynx ears Flirty

3.3.7. Steve Randle 17 Appearance Thick greasy hair Tall Lean Tacky Personality/Life Soda's Best Bud Evie (Greaser) Good and knows cars well Doesn't like Curtis Smokes Smart

3.3.8. Johnny Cade Personality/Life Smokes Jumped by Socs Is beat by parents Respects girls Besides gang, has no love or afection Gang's pet Mother ignores him Father beats him Didn't take to girls much Emotional Wants to get out of town to country Appearance Dark tanned face Big black eyes Jet black hair Youngest but older than pony boy Slight build Smallest

4. Greaser (His gang)

4.1. Poor/rough

4.1.1. Middle class

4.2. Wilder than Socs

4.3. East-side

4.4. No gang rivalry

4.5. Can't walk to much

4.5.1. Will get jumped By Socs

4.5.2. Or someone will yell greases

4.6. Go to drive-ins

4.6.1. Jay's

4.6.2. Dingo Fights

4.7. No organized gangs (Group of friends that stay together)

4.8. Like hoods

4.8.1. Stealing

4.8.2. Driving old cars

4.8.3. Gang fights

4.8.4. Holding up gas stations

4.9. Don't dig movies or books

4.10. Nightly Double drive-in movie

5. Socs

5.1. Abbreviation for socials

5.2. Wreck houses

5.3. Agressive

5.3.1. Rude/damaging to greasers

5.4. Get editorials in the paper

5.4.1. Asset to society in the future

5.4.2. Being public disgrace

5.5. Go to drive-ins

5.5.1. Rusty's

5.5.2. The Way Out

5.6. Throw beers

5.7. West-side rich kids

5.8. Wear madras