Exploring New Technology for Restaurants

Exploring the current trends and environments of modern restaurants including dining experience and problems encountered running a restaurant. Trying to find if their is a benefit to adding new technology to the dining experience.

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Exploring New Technology for Restaurants by Mind Map: Exploring New Technology for Restaurants

1. Bad Restaurants

1.1. Food

1.1.1. Tastes bad

1.1.2. Wrong temperture

1.1.3. Not as ordered

1.1.4. Not to taste

1.1.5. Dietary Restrictions

1.1.6. Wrong order

1.1.7. Miscooked overcooked undercooked

1.1.8. Menu Badly combined menu items Bad description

1.2. Bad Service

1.2.1. Lack of attention

1.2.2. Too much attention

1.2.3. Rude

1.2.4. Too long of wait

1.2.5. Lack of eye contact

1.2.6. Misorder

1.2.7. Attitude Lack of caring Negative Emotion

1.2.8. Lack of menu items

1.3. Lack of Ambiance

1.3.1. Disagreeable decor

1.3.2. too dark

1.3.3. too bright

1.3.4. too cold

1.3.5. too warm

1.3.6. Dirty linen

1.3.7. Dirty dishes

1.3.8. Vermin or bugs

1.3.9. Music Volume disagreeable Style disagreeable

1.3.10. Population Overcrowded Deserted

1.4. Bad Location

1.4.1. Inconveniant Parking

1.4.2. Lack of Signage

1.4.3. Hidden from view "Out of site..."

1.5. Cleanliness

1.5.1. Dirty Bathrooms

1.5.2. Dirty appearance to dining area

1.6. Bad Dining Experiences

1.6.1. New node

2. Restaurants Purpose

2.1. Avoid Cooking

2.1.1. Can't cook

2.1.2. Can't cook as well

2.2. Pamper ourselves

2.2.1. "The experience"

2.3. "To get away"

3. Management Pain Points

3.1. Staffing

3.1.1. Retention

3.1.2. Training

3.2. Food Safety

3.2.1. Spoilage Remote Thermometer Wirelessly communication Small footprint Inexpensive Attached to food bin Settable ranges of acceptable temps for individual food items Establish zones in Walk in refrigerators

3.3. Inventory Management

3.3.1. "creep"

4. Good restaurants

4.1. Bad Dining Experiences

4.1.1. New node

4.2. Friendly

4.3. Attentive

4.4. Great food

4.5. Wonderful Wine choices

4.6. Great Menu

4.7. Knowledgeable staff

4.8. Clean atmosphere

4.9. Great Ambience

4.10. Great Decor

4.11. Good location / neighborhood

5. New Tech Criteria

5.1. Have effect on dining experience OR

5.1.1. Makes experience more enjoyable

5.1.2. Reduces price of experience

5.1.3. Ads value to dining experience A new benefit not normally associated with going out to eat

5.1.4. More than just a novelty of new tech No lasting change Only creates a draw for as long as it is new

5.2. Have cost benefit for restaurant owner

5.2.1. Low cost to own or operate

5.2.2. Saves money

5.2.3. OR produces more revenue Brings more customers in the door Improves service and thus

6. Current Food Service Technology

6.1. Point of Sale

6.1.1. Handheld POS Ipod ordering

6.1.2. Current POS ecosystem

6.1.3. Current Capabilities

6.2. pod Training

6.2.1. Multimedia training on Ipod

6.2.2. View It then Do it in the line or on the floor

7. Random New tech ideas