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Chapter 18 MISERABLE SUNDAY by Mind Map: Chapter 18 MISERABLE SUNDAY

1. Plot.

1.1. Shows that Adeline has been living in school dorms from childhood to teenagehood.

1.2. Shows the unfriendly relationship between Adeline and her friends due to her poor attire.

1.3. Shows that Adeline's family does not care about her a lot.

2. Character.

2.1. Shows Adeline's pessimistic thinking as she did not believe that she got an egg for Sunday breakfast.

2.2. Shows Adeline's firm mindset as she continued to work hard in her studies despite having troubles with her schoolmates.

2.3. Shows that Adeline disliked to be pitied and did not want people to find her pathetic.

3. Theme.

3.1. Abandonment

3.2. Standing firm alone

4. This scene motivates us to try to stand firm on our own feet without the help of other people

5. New node