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1. Why? To get me to buy stuff

2. Why? they wanted me to by a big mac meal because it was a great offer

3. Who? Hungry Jacks

4. Why? To get me to eat at Hungry Jacks

5. who? McDonalds

6. Why? To persuade me to by a notebook set

7. Anais Bogdanov

7.1. Who? Apple

7.2. What? Video (TV)

7.3. Where? At Home on the couch

7.4. When? At night

7.5. Why? To get me to buy a new phone

8. Caitlyn Robson

8.1. What? A video

8.2. Where? At AFL stadium

8.3. When? Last night

9. Ally

9.1. Who? KFC

9.2. What? Video (Youtube)

9.3. When? Sunday Afternoon on the couch

9.4. Where? On the couch at Grandmas house.

9.5. Why? Was advertising their snack box for a great price.

10. Abbey

10.1. Who? American survivor grand final

10.2. What? video (TV)

10.3. Where? At home on the TV

10.4. When? at night 7:00

10.5. why? they wanted us to watch the grand final of American survivor

11. bella harding

11.1. what? snooze

11.2. what? video (tv)

11.3. where? at home on the couch

11.4. when? on the couch wanted watching mKR

12. Ariane Yaxley

12.1. who? mentos

12.2. what? video (youtube add)

12.3. where? at home on my bed

12.4. when? once I had finished my homework on Friday.

12.5. why? to connect with people through mentos.

13. Maddie

13.1. Who? Chanel

13.2. What? Video (TV)

13.3. Where? Study

13.4. When? Morning before Lunch

13.5. Why? Wanted to buy perfume

14. Grace Morrison

14.1. Who? Ray White

14.2. What? billboard

14.3. When? Driving home from school

14.4. Where? On Stirling highway

14.5. why? wanted me to by a property from them.

15. Mel Young

15.1. Who? Maltesers

15.2. What? Video (TV)

15.3. Where? At home on the couch

15.4. When? On the couch, watching Masterchef

15.5. Why? Wanted me to eat Maltesers

16. Lily

16.1. Who? Mcdonalds

16.2. What? Video on the TV

16.3. Where? At home on the couch

16.4. When? On the couch at about 6:30 at night

17. Charlotte Devereux

17.1. Who: Apple

17.2. What: video on phone

17.3. Where: at home, in room

17.4. When: around lunchtime

17.5. Why: wanted me to buy the next iPhone (X) because it is the most 'innovative' one yet.

18. Eleanor Newman

18.1. What? Video on the TV

18.2. Who? Colgate

18.3. Where? On the TV

18.4. When? Noon

18.5. Why? Wanted to sell the good features of the product (said it was better than Oral B)

19. Caitlin tremain

19.1. Who? Target

19.2. What? On the TV

19.3. When? At night

20. Tina Liu

20.1. who?armani

20.2. what?tv

20.3. where?home

20.4. when? tv time

21. Ella Halls

21.1. Who

21.1.1. Mc Donald’s

21.2. What

21.2.1. On TV

21.3. When

22. Sophie Panzich

22.1. what? A video

22.2. where? at home on the coach

22.3. when? In the afternoon

22.4. who? McDonalds

22.5. why? so I would buy it

23. Amelie Jayasundera

23.1. Who:? Kiki. K

23.2. What? An add in TV

23.3. Where? At home

23.4. When? In the morning