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Animals by Mind Map: Animals

1. Amphibians

1.1. New node

1.2. born in water and breath with gills like fish

1.2.1. develop lungs to live over ground frogs, toads

2. Arthropods

2.1. More than four jointed legs

2.1.1. Insects, spiders, crustaceans

3. Insects

4. Birds

4.1. Have shells and are born out of hard shelled eggs

4.1.1. Peacock,raven, swallow, robin

5. Fish

5.1. Vertebrates.

5.1.1. live in water have fins, gills and scales goldfish, salmon, seahorse

6. Mammals

6.1. Drinks milk when born

6.1.1. has hair or fur dogs, Kangaroos, seals, dolphins, whales. Even people!

7. Reptiles

7.1. Scaly skin

7.1.1. Cold blooded Born on land Snakes, lizards, crocodiles, alligators, turtles.