Laura's Map: Stearns Center Website Redesign

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Laura's Map: Stearns Center Website Redesign by Mind Map: Laura's Map: Stearns Center Website Redesign

1. 1. Best Practices

1.1. 1a. Online Teaching

1.1.1. 1a1. Before Class Begins

1.1.2. 1a2. During Class

1.1.3. 1a3. After Class Ends

1.2. 1b. Online Course Design

1.2.1. 1b1. The Importance of Course Design

1.2.2. 1b2. Recommended Timeline for Course Dev

1.3. 1c. Syllabus Checklist

1.3.1. 1c1. Why the syllabus is so Important

1.3.2. 1c2. File (PDF): Syllabus Checklist

1.4. 1d. Effective Teaching Strategies

1.4.1. 1d1. Video: Student Engagement

1.4.2. 1d2. Video: Low-Stakes Activities and Feedback

1.4.3. 1d3. Video: Interaction, Instructor Presence, and Organization

1.5. 1e. Instructional Continuity

1.5.1. 1e1. External Link: Emergency Proof Your Course (ITS)

2. 4. Resources

2.1. 4a. Accessibility

2.1.1. 4a1. Assistive Technology (ATI) 4a1a. Accessible Media Resources 4a1b. Accessible Text Resources 4a1c. Guide to Creating Accessible Electronic Materials 4a1d. External Link: ATI Website

2.1.2. 4a2. Disability Services (DS) 4a2a. External Link: DS Website

2.2. 4b. Library Services

2.2.1. 4b1. Online Learning Coordinator 4b1a. Subject or Liaison Librarians 4b1b. External Link: Library's Mason Online Web Page

2.2.2. 4b2. Scholarly Communication and Copyright Office 4b2a. External Links: Copyright Fundamentals 4b2b. External Links: Creative Commons Licences 4b2c. External Link: Public Domain and Open Educational Resources 4b2d. External Link: Scholarly Communication and Copyright Website

2.3. 4c. Teaching Resources

2.3.1. 4c1. Office of Digital Learning (ODL) 4c1a. Link: Best Practices 4c1b. Link: Events 4c1c. Link: Homepage

2.3.2. 4c2. Center for Teaching and Faculty Excellence (CTFE) 4c2a. Link: Teaching Resources 4c2b. Link: CTFE Website

2.4. 4d. Technology Support

2.4.1. 4d1. ITS Support Center 4d1a. External Link: ITS Website

2.4.2. 4d2. Blackboard Course Support 4d2a. File (PDF): Blackboard Faculty Quick Start Guide 4d2b. File (PDF): Blackboard Getting Started Guide 4d2c. External Link: Course Tools 4d2d. External Link: Just-in-time Videos 4d2e. External Link: Courses Support Website

2.4.3. 4d3. LATIST 4d3a. External Link: LATIST Website

2.5. 4e. Testing Services

2.5.1. 4e1. Remote Proctoring Tools 4e1a. External Link: Respondus Quick Start Guides 4e1b. File (PDF): Distance Education Test Proctoring Guidelines

2.5.2. 4e2. Resources for Faculty and Staff 4e2a. External Link: Respondus Quick Start Guides 4e2b. External Link: Best Practices for Test Options 4e2c. External Link: Respondus Lockdown Browser 4e2d. External Link: Requiring Respondus Monitor for Tests 4e2e. File (PDF): Distance Education Test Proctoring Guidelines

2.5.3. 4e3. Resources for Students 4e3a. External Link: Respondus Lockdown Browser 4e3b. External Link: Respondus Monitor and Lockdown Browser 4e3c. External Link: Respondus Monitor Troubleshooting 4e3d. External Link: Taking and Test Online

2.5.4. 4e4. University Policy 4e4a. External Link: University Policy Number 3004

2.6. 4f. Video Support

2.6.1. 4f1. Collaborative Learning Hub (CLUB) 4f1a. External Link: CLUB Website

2.6.2. 4f2. GMU-TV 4f2a. External Link: GMU-TV Website

2.6.3. 4f3. Kaltura CaptureSpace 4f3a. External Link: Kaltura CaptureSpace Web Page

2.6.4. 4f4. One Button Studio 4f4a. External Link: Gateway Library Web Page 4f4b. External Link: One Button Studio Web Page

2.7. 4g. Writing Center

2.7.1. 4g1. External Link: Online Tutoring Web Page

2.7.2. 4g2. External Link: Video Tutoring Web Page

2.7.3. 4g3. External Link: About Our Tutoring Web Page

3. 5. About

3.1. 5a. About ODL

3.2. 5b. Our Team

3.3. 5c. Recognition

3.3.1. 5c1. Online Teaching Excellence Award

3.3.2. 5c2. Digital Learning Award

3.3.3. 5c3. Previous Winners

3.4. 5d. Course Inventory

3.4.1. 5d1. File (PDF): Course Inventory

3.5. 5e. Feature Stories

3.6. 5f. Contact Us

3.6.1. 5f1. Form: Contact Us

4. 3. Events

4.1. 3a. Faculty Conversations

4.1.1. 3a1. Previous Events

4.2. 3b. Lunch and Learn Series

4.2.1. 3b1. Recordings and Presentation Slides

4.3. 3c. Conferences

4.3.1. 3c1. Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Accelerate

4.4. 3d. Webinars

4.4.1. 3d1. Webinar Recording

4.4.2. 3d2. Webinar Presentation Slides

4.4.3. 3d3. Additional Resources Handout

4.5. 3e. Workshops

4.5.1. 3e1. OLC Workshops 3e1a. External Link: OLC Workshops

4.5.2. 3e2. IT Training Workshops 3e2a. External Link: Workshops Web Page 3e2b. External Link: Lynda Website

5. 2. Instructional Design

5.1. 2a. Online Course Readiness Lab

5.2. 2b. Online Course Development Institute (OCDI)

5.2.1. 2b1. Form: Register

6. 1. Programs

6.1. 1a. Programs

6.1.1. 1a1. Link: Calendar of Events Web Page

6.1.2. 1a2. Link: Course Redesign Academy Web Page

6.1.3. 1a3. External Link: New Faculty Orientation

6.1.4. 1a4. External Link: New Adjunct Faculty Orientation

6.1.5. 1a5. Link: Innovations in Teaching and Learning (ITL)

6.1.6. 1a6. Link: Faculty Writing Retreat

6.1.7. 1a7. External Link: Faculty Write-ins

6.1.8. 1a8. Link: Faculty Conversations

6.1.9. 1a9. Link: Reading Groups

6.2. 1b. Services

6.2.1. 1b1. Link: Individual Consultations

6.2.2. 1b2. Link: Departmental or Team Consultations & Workshops

6.2.3. 1b3. Link: Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID)

6.2.4. 1b4. Link: Digital Learning Consultations

6.2.5. 1b5. Link: Digital Learning Lab Hours

6.2.6. 1b6. Link: Stearns Center Teaching Library

6.2.7. 1b7. Form: for Lego (TM) Kit Checkout

6.3. 1c. Other Support at Mason

6.3.1. 1c1. External Link: Digital Learning (online teaching)

6.3.2. 1c2. External Links: Mason Workshop Web Page

6.3.3. 1c3. External Links: Library Workshop Web Page

6.3.4. 1c4. External Links: OSCAR Website

6.3.5. 1c5. External Links: Leadership Legacy Website

6.3.6. 1c6. External Links: Grants Management Training Web Page

6.3.7. 1c7. External Links: Grant Proposal Writing Web Page

6.3.8. 1c8. External Links: Lynda Training Website

6.3.9. 1c9. External Links: HR Profession Career Development Web Page

6.3.10. 1c10. External Links: Workplace Coaching & Coaching Tips for Supervisors Web Page

6.3.11. 1c11. External Links: SIMPLE (STEM Faculty Learning Community Website

7. 2. Teaching at Mason

7.1. 2a. General Resources

7.1.1. 2a1. Link: For New Faculty (Resources for New Faculty)

7.1.2. 2a2. External Link: For Department Chairs Website

7.1.3. 2a3. External Link: Learning Environments at Mason Website

7.1.4. 2a4. External Link: Viewing Your Classroom Web Page

7.1.5. 2a5. External Link: NEW for 2017: Technology Upgraded Classrooms Web Page

7.1.6. 2a6. External Link: Mason Bookstore Website

7.1.7. 2a7. Quick Guides 2a7a. Link: Teaching Guides 2a7b. Link: Documenting Your Teaching 2a7c. Link: Mentoring Graduate Students 2a7d. External Link: Research Development Website 2a7e. Link: Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) 2a7f. Link: Higher Education Organizations

7.1.8. 2a8. University Community Resources 2a8a. Link: Mason Diversity Statement 2a8b. External Link: University Life Resources for Faculty Web Page 2a8c. External Link: Compliance, Diversity, and Ethics Website 2a8d. External Link: LGBT Faculty/Staff Alliance 2a8e. External Link: Mason Speakers Website

7.2. 2b. Teaching Policies at Mason

7.2.1. 2b1. Link: Resources for New Faculty

7.2.2. 2b2. External Link: Calendar of Religious Holidays Web Page

7.2.3. 2b3. External Link: University Catalog and Academic Policies Website

7.2.4. 2b4. External Link: Office of the University Registrar

7.2.5. 2b5. External Link: Mason Core: General Education

7.2.6. 2b6. External Link: FERPA Web Page

7.2.7. 2b7. Student Conduct Web Page

7.2.8. 2b8. Academic Integrity Website

7.2.9. 2b9. About Copyright Website

7.2.10. 2b10. Office of Institutional Research and Assessment Website

7.2.11. 2b11. Mason Ready: Guide for Campus Emergencies Web Page

7.3. 2c. Supporting Students

7.3.1. 2c1. Link: Student Support Resources on Campus

7.3.2. 2c2. External Link: Open and Affordable Texts for your Students Web Page

7.3.3. 2c3. External Link: Disability Services Website 2c3a. External Link/File (PDF): Faculty Guide on Teaching Students with Disabilities

7.3.4. 2c4. External Link: Assistive Technology Initiative Website 2c4a. External Link: How to Request Accessible Media Web Page 2c4b. External Link: Making Your Online Course Accessible Web Page

7.3.5. 2c5. External Link: The Writing Center (For Faculty) Web Page

7.3.6. 2c6. External Link: Office of Military Services Website

7.3.7. 2c7. External Link: Center for Academic Advising, Retention, and Transitions Website

7.3.8. 2c8. Link: Working with Student Athletes

8. 3. Teaching Guides

8.1. 3a. Course & Curriculum (Re)Design

8.1.1. 3a1. Course (Re)Design 3a1a. Link: Course (Re)Design Academy 3a1b. Link: Backward Design 3a1c. Link: Course Mapping 3a1d. Link: Design Your Syllabus 3a1e. Link: Student Learning Outcomes 3a1f. Link: blooms Taxonomy 3a1g. Link: Developing Critical Thinkers 3a1h. Link: Assignment Design 3a1i. Link: Exam Design 3a1j. Link: Digital Learning Resources 3a1k. Link: Grading 3a1l. Link: Evaluating Your Course Success 3a1m. External Link: Classroom Research Policy Web Page 3a1n. Link: Making You Next Semester Easier 3a1o: Link: Teaching in the Disciplines

8.1.2. 3a2. Curriculum (Re)Design 3a2a. Link: Curriculum Mapping 3a2b. Link: Developing Critical Thinkers 3a2c. Link: Scholarship of Teaching & Learning (SoTL) 3a2d. Link: Students as Scholars 3a2e. Link: Teaching in the Disciplines

8.2. 3b. Student Engagement & Classroom Management

8.2.1. 3b1. Link: Active Learning

8.2.2. 3b2. Link: Collaborative Learning

8.2.3. 3b3. Link: Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs)

8.2.4. 3b4: Link: Creating Inclusive Classrooms

8.2.5. 3b5: Link: Dealing with Difficult Sitations

8.2.6. 3b6. Link: Engaging Students in Discussion

8.2.7. 3b7: Link: Experiential Learning

8.2.8. 3b8: LinkTeaching Large Classes

8.2.9. 3b9: Link: Writing and Research

8.2.10. 3b10: Looking for More Ideas? 3b10a. External Link: Innovations in Teaching & Learning Conference Proceedings Archives

8.3. 3c. Working with Students

8.3.1. 3c1. Link: Knowing Mason Students

8.3.2. 3c2. Link: Student Privacy

8.3.3. 3c3. Link: Teaching Facts

8.3.4. 3c4. Link: Student Support Resources on Campus.

8.3.5. 3c5: External Link: Strategies for Teachings Goal Statement Community

8.3.6. 3c6. External Link: Multigual Learners

9. 4. For Graduate Students

9.1. 4a. Opportunities

9.1.1. 4a1. Link: PROV 601: Thriving in Graduate School Program & Workshop Series

9.1.2. 4a2. Link: PROV 701: Preparing for Careers in the Academy Program & Workshop Series

9.1.3. 4a3. External Link: Other Graduate Student Workshops Web Page

9.1.4. 4a4. External Link: Weekly Graduate Student Write-Ins at the Writing Center Web Page

9.1.5. 4a5. External Link: Semesterly Graduate Life Student Write-ins

9.1.6. 4a6. External Link: Meet one-on-one with your Subject Librarian Web Page

9.1.7. 4a7. External Link: Research Skill/Tools Workshops Web Portrait

9.1.8. 4a8. External Link: Get Your Research Conduct Certification Web Page

9.1.9. 4a9. External Link: Publish in Journal of Mason Graduate Research Web Page

9.1.10. 4a10: External Link: Apply for Graduate Fellowships Website

9.2. 4b. Looking for Advice?

9.2.1. 4b1. Link: Succeeding in Graduate School

9.2.2. 4b2. Link: Teaching Resources

9.2.3. 4b3. Link: Research, Writing, & Publishing

9.2.4. 4b4: External Link: Networking & Professional Relationships Web Page

9.2.5. 4b5. External Link/File (PDF): Preparing for Academic Careers Web Career 4b5a. Link: Developing Your CV 4b5b. Link: Crafting Cover Letters 4b5c. Link: Writing a Teaching Philosophy 4b5d. Link: Writing Research Statements 4b5e. Link: The Art of the Academic Interview 4b5f. Link: Postdoctoral Fellowships

9.2.6. 4b6. Link: Alternative to Tenure-Track Faculty Careers Web Career. (Alt-Ac Track)

9.2.7. 467a. Link: Apply for Non-Acdemic Careers Web Page

9.3. 4c. Looking for Community?

9.3.1. 4c1. External Link: Attend Gradstravaganza (every September) Web Page

9.3.2. 4c2. External Link: Add Graduate Student Life Events Web Page

9.3.3. 4c3. External Link: Request Reservable Graduate Writing Space Web Page

9.3.4. 4c4. External Link: Sign up for The Writing Center's Weekly Graduate Write-ins Web Page

9.3.5. 4c5. Link: Join the PROV 601: Triving in Graduate School cohort Web Page (spring semesters).

9.3.6. 4c6. Link: Join the PROV 701: Preparing for Careers in the Academy Web Page (year-long).

9.3.7. 4c7. Link: Attend the annual Innovations in Teaching & Learning Conference Web Page

10. 5. Digital Learning

10.1. 5a. Link: Digital Learning

11. 6. Awards

11.1. 6a. Form: Teaching Excellence Award

11.2. 6b. Form: Thank-a-Teacher Program

11.3. 6c. Stearns Center-Adminstrated Awards

11.4. 6d. Other State and University Awards

11.5. 6e. Link: Documenting Your Teaching Web Also

12. 7. About Us

12.1. 7a. Displays contact infomation

12.2. 7b. Mission, Coure Values, Who We Are, Faculty Fellows, Coordinating Circle, Campus Partners

13. 8. Site Map

13.1. 8a. Displays All Internal Links