Issues Of Pakistan

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Issues Of Pakistan by Mind Map: Issues Of Pakistan

1. he rupee was pegged to the British pound until 1982, when the government of General Zia-ul-Haq changed it to managed float. As a result, the rupee devalued by 38.5%

2. Ratio

3. Currency Devalued

3.1. Effects

3.2. Managed float

3.3. International Loans

3.4. Solutions

3.4.1. Sell foreign exchange assets and buy their own currency

3.4.2. Higher interest rates

3.4.3. Reduce inflation

3.4.4. Long-term supply-side policies

4. Clean Water

4.1. Water plants

4.1.1. There should be filteration system of dirty water To avoid diseases

4.2. Solution:

4.2.1. Smart Irrigation Controllers

4.2.2. Plumbers Without Borders

4.2.3. Solar Stills

4.2.4. Desalination

4.2.5. Harvesting Fog

4.2.6. The personal filter straws remove up to 99 percent of bacteria and contaminants in water.

4.2.7. Bicycle Water Purifiers

4.3. ratio

4.4. lots country dump garbage in the water. so this happen makes water pollution

4.5. lack of clean water

4.5.1. acid rain

4.6. dirty water

4.6.1. In sindh people drink dirty water, so so many peolpe get ill

4.6.2. In deserts water is dirty because there is not enough resourses In deserts water is dirty because there is not enough resourses

4.7. disease caused by dirty water

4.7.1. Diseases

5. Refugees

5.1. Increase Of Immigration And Afghan Refugees

5.2. Solution:

5.2.1. Make some rules for them

5.2.2. Capitation and recount the increase number of refugees

6. Homelessness

6.1. World Homelessness

6.1.1. U.S

6.1.2. Europe

6.1.3. China

6.1.4. India

6.2. World Poverty

6.2.1. Poverty in africa

6.2.2. poverty in china

6.3. Homelessness rate

6.4. Homelessness in toronto vs vancouver

7. Illiteracy

7.1. Solution:

7.1.1. Remove the difference between girl and boy

7.1.2. Establish more schools and appoint qaulified and trained teachers

7.1.3. Increase Education Budget

7.1.4. Technical Education must be given to all classes

7.2. Untrained & non professional teachers

7.3. Regional disparity

7.4. Unequal Education System

7.5. Gender Descremination

7.5.1. Prejudice

7.5.2. Biological

7.5.3. Socio-culture

7.5.4. Economic

7.5.5. Adherence to traditional gender role

8. Terrorism

8.1. Solution

8.1.1. Preventing resolving conflicts with religious groups

8.1.2. Military operation against terrorist

8.1.3. To Kill the root of Terrorism and systematically change the attitude of those people's who are invloved in all this

8.2. Economic Conditions

8.3. Political Instability

8.4. Religious Extremist

8.5. Standard of Living

8.6. Suicide bombings

9. Poverty

9.1. Solution:

9.1.1. Proper maintenance of law and order

9.1.2. Reduce the tax rate

9.1.3. Control on inflation

9.1.4. Development of agricultre and industrial sector

9.1.5. Goverment should provide better facilities to investors

9.2. Natural diseases

9.3. Lack of education

9.4. Feudalism

9.5. Poor industrial standards

9.6. Inequality

9.7. Unemployment

10. Politics

10.1. Loyal

10.1.1. Only few of them are loyal with their country

10.2. Uneducated

10.2.1. Most of the people who come in are un-educated

10.3. Corroption

10.3.1. Every politician except few of them are loyal to country and rest of them all are trying to just fill up their Bank Accounts

11. Corruption

11.1. Solution:

11.1.1. Those who found in bribery make them a mark of examplery

11.1.2. mprove the salary given to the government employees so that they do not have to indulge in corruption.

11.1.3. Add cameras to government departments.

11.1.4. Make sure justice is dispensed to the public in a speedily manner

11.1.5. Bribe must be dealt with severe punishment

11.1.6. Parliament should adopt appropriate legislation

11.2. Land administration

11.3. Power sector

11.4. Tax and customs

11.5. Police and Law enforcement

11.6. Judiciary and legal professions

11.7. Health and education

11.8. It slows the growth of the country.

12. Child Labour

12.1. Solution

12.1.1. We should set scholarships for deserving students so they complete their education and do something for their family

12.1.2. We should sever steps against those who take work from childrens

12.1.3. Proper employment should be provided there in order to decrease its ratio

12.2. who is going to take action?

12.3. Poverty is the greatest cause behind it

12.4. how parents are effected and how it affects the childrens future.

12.5. Ratio of Child labour in pakisan

13. overpopulation

13.1. Soultion:

13.1.1. Restricting early marriages

13.1.2. Administrative Measures

13.1.3. Social Measures

13.1.4. Fair distribution of income.

13.2. Imbalance Between Birth And Death Rate

13.3. Illiteracy Among The Masses In Pakistan

13.4. Poor Response From The Government

13.5. Lack Of Women Empowerment

13.6. Lack Of Family Planning

13.7. Strong Religious Beliefs That Focus On Expanding The Family

14. Electricity

14.1. Current situation

14.2. Shortage of dams

14.2.1. We have low level of water in our dams which is the main source of hydroelectric power

14.3. Increasing cost of fuel

14.3.1. The price of fuel is increased it means the generation from thermal units are ex-orbiting price Thermal plants Distribution of coal Nuclear plants Energy is produced by emission of radiation from nucleus of atom. Pakistan should look for energy possibilities. Solar Energy Solar energy is derived from sum in the form of UV rays. Pakistan has the great gift of God"Sun light". Wind Energy In Pakistan sindh area is fully blessed for this criteria. Goverment should plant more wind plants and take full advantage of this.

14.4. Lack of political will and leadership

14.4.1. They are not using advance means to solve energy crisis