Educational Technology EDU261 Concepts

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Educational Technology EDU261 Concepts by Mind Map: Educational Technology  EDU261 Concepts

1. Standard 7: Uses educational technology to make abstract content more accessible to students

1.1. Making it Tangible

1.2. Experimental Learning

1.3. Myth of Learning Styles

1.4. Problem solving

1.5. Representation Continuum

2. Standard 6: Promote student thinking to help clarify students' conceptional understanding

2.1. Technology and Multitasking

2.2. The Power of Print

2.3. Technology revolutionizes education

3. Standard 1: Understands Technological Literacy

3.1. Applications

3.2. Advantages

3.3. Disadvantages

3.4. Influence on society

4. Standard 5: Models and teaches safe and ethical use of technology

4.1. Copyright

4.2. Plagiarism

4.3. Cyberbullying

4.4. Environmental impact

5. Alone Together: Why we expect more from technology and less from each other

5.1. Technological intimacy

5.2. Multitasking to multilifing

5.3. New instabilities

5.4. Sociable robot movement