USA Business Etiquette

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USA Business Etiquette by Mind Map: USA Business Etiquette

1. Time is money. Be on time.

1.1. Always make an estimate of how long it will take you to get to a meeting. If you are late, call and offerr a plausible solution, but be ready to loose the deal.

2. Be direct. Again time is money

2.1. Always try to answer to a question. If you don't know the answer, offer to get back to the client in a timely manner. Honor your deadline or loose the deal!

3. Dress formally, but simply

3.1. Americans will judge you on the tideness of your clothes, not their brands.

4. At the end of the meeting, sum up the decision and assign the tasks to your team.

5. Use first name or nicknames

5.1. Differently form many other populations, Americans don't consider a sign of respect to be addressed with a title.

6. Always prepare an agenda and have a copy for each attendee.

6.1. If there is a secretary, give him/her a copy to distribute.

7. Silence your phone during meetings. Check your text discretely.

7.1. Americans are very respectful of family commitments. Should you have an emergency, you will be excused.