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Chemistry by Mind Map: Chemistry
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Semester 1

Chapter 8: Chemical reactions

Describing chemical change

Types of chemical reactions

Reactions in aqueous solutions

Chapter 13: Electrons in atoms

Models of the atom

Electron arrangement in atoms

Chapter 15: Ionic bonding and ionic compounds

Electron configuration in ionic bonding

Ionic bonds

Bonding in metals

Semester 2

Chapter 7: Chemical quantities

The mole: A measurement of matter

Mole-Mass and Mole-Volume relationships

Percent composition and chemical formulas

Chapter 9: Stoichiometry

The arithmetic of equations

Chemical calculations

Chapter 10: States of matter

The nature of gases

The nature of liquids

The nature of solids

Changes of state

Chapter 12: Gases

The properties of gases

Factors affecting gas pressure

The gas laws

Ideal gases

Gas molecules: mixtures and movements

Chapter 19: Reaction rates and equilibrium

Rates of reaction

Reversible reactions and equilibrium

Determining wether a reaction will occur