Organizational Structures: Turner Sports

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Organizational Structures: Turner Sports by Mind Map: Organizational Structures: Turner Sports

1. NCAA March Madness

1.1. Live Coverage

1.1.1. Broadcasting games real-time during the most hectic month in college sports

1.2. Analysis

1.2.1. Former players and coaches breaking down film and tendencies on the court using a higher level of knowledge

1.3. Statistics

1.3.1. Use statistics to support claims about strategies and tendencies that coaches and teams are using to survive the 64 team tournament

1.4. Bracketology

1.4.1. The most popular fantasy sports game ever, Bracketology is a game where fans try and pick the winners of each game in the tournament without any hiccups. This department will help using any knowledge possible to help fans make the most possible informed decisions

1.5. Highlights

1.5.1. For those viewers who may have missed a game, this department breaks down all footage and creates a quick 1-2 minute highlight video so that people can catch the summary and recap of games

2. Bleacher Report

2.1. House of Highlights

2.1.1. Instagram page showing trending videos of games and funny content that viewers can watch quickly on any mobile device

2.2. Game of Zones

2.2.1. A comedic animated series combining the Game of Thrones world with the NBA world.

2.3. Social Media

2.3.1. Massive social media platform, utilizing twitter rumors, along with instagram posts from players and coaches for fans to navigate the soap opera aspect of sports.

2.4. Rumors

2.4.1. This team searches deeply throughout twitter and instagram to capture anything possible said by players or coaches or even GM's. (i.e.- Bryan Colangelo, President of Basketball Operations for Philadelphia 76'ers, was caught today using Twitter burner accounts.)

2.5. Mobile Application

2.5.1. This department is in charge of updates for the mobile application, which is the most used version of Bleacher Report.

3. PGA

3.1. PGA Championship

3.1.1. Exclusive coverage of one of the 4 major tournaments in golf. Turner provides live coverage, along with analysis and statistics to ensure an enhanced experience for the viewer

3.2. Ryder Cup

3.2.1. Exclusive coverage of the infamous Ryder Cup, a U.S.A vs. Europe tournament. Turner provides live coverage, along with analysis from former professionals.


3.3.1. Turner supplies fans with this website, where all the lates news, highlights, and scores are posted daily.

3.4. Featured Groups

3.4.1. This department is in charge of an entirely new concept. The "Featured Groups" is extensive coverage of one group playing together during either the PGA Championship or the Ryder Cup. There is mobile app viewing, along with live TV coverage of these groups.

3.5. Analysis

3.5.1. Former players, and senior golf analysts break down video and analyze player decisions and shots, up and down the course.

3.6. Statistics

3.6.1. Gathering data and statistics, such as: GIR, FIR, putts, driving distance, etc. This aids the viewer in better understanding the game.

4. NBA on TNT

4.1. Live NBA coverage

4.1.1. Keeping track of NBA highlights and news, keeping the fan base up to date

4.2. NBA Analysis

4.2.1. Former players, coaches, and GM's discuss strategies and matchups, to help the viewers better understand

4.3. Statistics

4.3.1. Use relevant statistics in order to support claims about strategies and matchups between teams

4.4. Broadcasting

4.4.1. Live game coverage with a play-by-play commentator as well as an analyst who provides the color

4.5. Highlights

4.5.1. Cycle through plays that viewers may have missed, in order to provide a quick and efficient recap of games

5. E-league

5.1. Live Events

5.1.1. Broadcasting live tournaments to create an environment for the fanbase. It's a chance for fans who play the games to see firsthand what goes into it

5.2. Twitch

5.2.1. The world's largest live streaming service for gaming. Providing a platform for viewers around the world to watch gaming from home.

5.3. Scouting

5.3.1. Using data and analytics in order to discover new talent and provide backstories for viewers.

5.4. Analysis

5.4.1. People who truly understand the gaming world and analyzing player moves in game for the audience to better understand.

5.5. Education

5.5.1. E-League is relatively new, and viewers have a lot to grasp with such a booming new industry. This department explains the basic ins and outs so that viewers can gain knowledge on the basics surrounding the industry.

6. Similarities and Differences

6.1. One of the similarities you can find across every single one of these departments is live coverage. Because these are all sports related, live coverage is the majority of what a sports broadcasting company needs to do.

6.1.1. With live coverage, comes in-depth analysis, using statistics and highlights for viewers to fully grasp what they're watching. Again, amongst all these departments, statistics and highlights, along with analysis is completely necessary for any sports media company.

6.2. The easiest difference to spot would be the fact that some of these are completely different sports. For example, with one department being e-league, and another being the NBA, those 2 sports reach entirely different audiences. The e-league is geared towards the younger generation who is super involved in the technology era, while the NBA, for example can reach people of all ages.

6.2.1. Another difference that is easily noticed is that between Bleacher Report and the rest of the entities enlisted. Bleacher report is a news-based hub, providing information using incredible amounts of social media. While departments such as the NBA on TNT, or March Madness also utilize social media, it is not nearly in the same fashion. Bleacher Report specializes in creating news based off social media posts and gatherings, while the other departments utilize it as a way to enhance viewership.