McCain - Obama Mindmap

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McCain - Obama Mindmap by Mind Map: McCain - Obama Mindmap

1. Barack Obama's Policies: What he will do

1.1. Economy

1.1.1. Jumpstart the Economy

1.1.2. Provide Middle Class Americans Tax Relief

1.1.3. Trade

1.1.4. Job Creation

1.1.5. Support Small Business

1.1.6. Labor

1.1.7. Protect Homeownership and Crackdown on Mortgage Fraud

1.1.8. Address Predatory Credit Card Practices

1.1.9. Reform Bankruptcy Laws

1.1.10. Work/Family Balance

1.2. Health Care

1.2.1. Quality, Affordable and Portable Coverage for All

1.2.2. Lower Costs by Modernizing The U.S. Health Care System

1.2.3. Fight for New Initiatives

1.3. Education

1.3.1. Early Childhood Education

1.3.2. K-12

1.3.3. Recruit, Prepare, Retain & Reward Teachers

1.3.4. Higher Education

1.4. Energy & Environment

1.4.1. Provide Short-term Relief to American Families

1.4.2. Eliminate Our Need for Middle Eastern and Venezuelan Oil within 10 years

1.4.3. Create Millions of New Green Jobs

1.4.4. Reduce our Greenhouse Gas Emissions 80% by 2050

1.5. Foreign Policy

1.5.1. Ending the War in Iraq

1.5.2. Iran

1.5.3. Renewing American Diplomacy

1.5.4. Nuclear Weapons

1.5.5. On Israel

1.5.6. On Africa

1.5.7. On Latin America & Caribbean

1.6. Veterans

1.6.1. A Sacred Trust

1.6.2. Help for Returning Service Members

1.6.3. Improve Mental Health Treatment

2. John McCain's Policies: What he will do

2.1. Economy

2.1.1. Workplace Flexibility

2.1.2. Relief for Families

2.1.3. Government Reform

2.1.4. Supporting Small Businesses

2.1.5. Cheap and Clean Energy

2.1.6. Better Healthcare

2.1.7. Simpler and Fairer Taxes

2.1.8. Lower Barriers to Trade

2.2. Health Care

2.2.1. A "Call to Action"

2.2.2. John McCain's Vision for Health Care

2.2.3. Making Health Insurance Innovative, Portable and Affordable

2.2.4. A Specific Plan of Action: Ensuring Care for Higher Risk Patients

2.2.5. A Specific Plan of Action: Lowering Health Care Costs

2.2.6. Confronting the Long-Term Challenge

2.2.7. Setting the Record Straight; Covering Those with Pre-Existing Conditions

2.2.8. Combating Autism in America

2.3. Education

2.3.1. Excellence, Choice, and Competition in American Education

2.3.2. John McCain's Plan for Strengthening America's Schools

2.3.3. John McCain's Higher Education Policy

2.4. Energy & Environment

2.4.1. John McCain's Principles for Climate Change

2.4.2. John McCain's Cap and Trade Policy

2.4.3. Innovating, Developing and Deploying Technologies

2.4.4. John McCain Will Foster Rapid and Clean Economic Growth

2.4.5. John McCain Will Provide Leadership for Effective International Efforts

2.4.6. John McCain Will Develop a Climate Change Adaptation Plan

2.5. National Security, Foreign Policy, and Veterans

2.5.1. A Strong Military in a Dangerous World

2.5.2. Fighting Against Violent Islamic Extremists and Terrorist Tactics

2.5.3. Effective Missile Defense

2.5.4. Increasing the Size of the American Military

2.5.5. Modernizing the Armed Services

2.5.6. Smarter Defense Spending

2.5.7. Taking Care of Our Military Personnel and their Families

2.5.8. Honoring our Nation's Commitment to Veterans and Military Retirees

2.5.9. Strategy for Victory in Iraq