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GMAC by Mind Map: GMAC

1. What can we do for you?

1.1. Give you access to cool marketing material

1.1.1. Solutions flyers

1.1.2. Photo library

1.1.3. Brochures

1.1.4. Videos

1.2. Help you develop specific marketing material for your needs

1.2.1. Videos

1.2.2. Flyers

1.2.3. Stands

1.2.4. Web sites

1.2.5. Invitations

1.2.6. Posters

1.3. Conduct a market survey

1.4. Design and conduct a marketing campaign

1.5. Design and publish a newsletter

1.6. Create awesome graphics for a proposal or a report

1.7. Write a layman version of a technical document

2. Who are we?

2.1. Our vision

2.2. Our Mission

2.3. GMAC stands for Group Communication and Marketing

2.4. GMAC has team members in Singapore and Denmark

2.4.1. Denmark Antoine (asl) calls the shots Ina (ibo), is our marketing girl Kenneth (kkj) is the Danish version of Pascal

2.4.2. Singapore Claire (cfl), gathers stories and tells the world Fanni (fas) writes compelling stories Pascal (pto) is a designer and web expert Yu Yu (yym) codes cool stuff

2.5. GMAC reports to the COO, Antoine

3. What do we do?

3.1. We tell the world about DHI

3.1.1. We maintain DHI's web sites

3.1.2. We maintain DHI's profil Facebook Wikipedia LinkedIn

3.1.3. We publish great stories news on external web sites Facebook Twitter Case stories Youtube

3.1.4. We publish DHI newsletters

3.1.5. We develop DHI's annual report

3.2. We make DHI look good

3.2.1. We define DHI's visual identity

3.2.2. We develop templates and guidelines

3.2.3. We maintain a repository of marketing material

3.3. We make sales easier

3.3.1. We maintain our CRM database

3.3.2. We design and conduct campaigns

3.3.3. We develop cool sales material

3.3.4. We maintain an updated presentation of DHI

3.3.5. We develop overall marketing pitches