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Marketing by Mind Map: Marketing
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New Lead campaign

Yodle LHR, Landing page must say - check your email for a message, Double-opt in, Email 1 - LHR- How it works, Email 2 - FAQ's, Email 3 - How to choose the right clinic

Customer Campaign

New Customer welcome campaign, Welcome to the family, Additional Resources - how does lhr work, faq's, what to expect, sun exposure, pain, tanning, pre-post instructions, clinic policy, Post-tx check - after every tx - how did it go? Any pain or other problems?, Progress check - after 3rd tx - how's it going?, Survey - how did we do?, Post-completion review - after 6th LHR & 5th tx for others - How did we do?, Happy, Yes, Referral, Send this email to a friend, Send us name & email of friend, Testimonial, Yes, Thank you email, 1 Month later - surprise comp facial, & Drop them into Referral Campaign, No, Reminder email #1, Reminder email #2, Reminder email #3, Phone call, Upsell, Segment & target based on Wish List, No, Results, Burns, Slow responder campaign, S.G., No results, Refunds, Scheduling, Too early, Check after the next tx, Wow! campaigns, Birthday comp facial, Anniversary comp facial, Monthly wishes eg mothers day, fathers day, Misc, Customer complaint, Failed Autopays, Transfers

Lost Customer Campaign

Long Term Nurture campaign - for cold prospects








Handwritten Thank you Notes


Buy Series/Package

Buy 1st Time Only

Schedule Consultation Appointment

Where will they come from (Lead Capture )

ONLINE - Web Form

Directly buy/book online

Email communication with Sales Coordinator

email f/u sequence = to Nurture leads

PHONE Call in >> Inbound Sales Coordinator

WALK-IN to the clinic

How to Make Customer Happy

Great Results

Best Equipment / Technology

Best Protocol

Best Training

Best Monitoring /Coaching - to ensure protocol is followed

Measure Success, % Improvement report in EMR, Customer Surveys

Great Customer Service

Always being pleasant & making them feel welcome and wanted

Immediate Response to inquiries/ complaints, Online Customer communication/complaint form, Tel-Assistant, Dedicated Customer Service Rep

Attract Traffic (Lead Generation)


Trade / JV / Affiliate

Current Customers





Signature Specialists


Outbound Marketing


Radio,TV, Direct Mail etc