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Unite 10 by Mind Map: Unite 10

1. Avalanche

1.1. mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside.

2. Dust Storm

2.1. clouds

2.1.1. a visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere

2.2. a strong, turbulent wind that carries clouds of fine dust

3. Earthquake

3.1. a sudden and violent shaking of the ground,

4. flood

4.1. an overflowing of a large amount of water beyond its normal confines

5. hurricane

5.1. a storm with a violent wind, in particular a tropical

5.1.1. predict say or estimate that (a specified thing) will happen in the future

5.2. thunder

5.2.1. a loud rumbling or crashing noise heard after a lightning flash

5.3. electric

5.3.1. producing electricity

6. smoke

6.1. a visible suspension of carbon or other particles in air

7. tornado

7.1. wind

7.1.1. the perceptible natural movement of the air

7.2. mobile, destructive vortex of violently rotating winds

8. tsunami

8.1. wave

8.1.1. a long body of water curling into an arched form and breaking on the shore

8.2. a long high sea wave caused by an earthquake,

9. volcanic eruption

9.1. an act or instance of erupting

10. weather condition

10.1. the state of the atmosphere at a place and time as regards heat

10.1.1. Precautions

10.2. Predict

11. puzzled

11.1. unable to understand

12. relieved

12.1. longer feeling distressed or anxious; reassured.

13. scared

13.1. manage to see or observe (someone or something

14. terrified

14.1. cause to feel extreme fear

15. Sighting

15.1. manage to see or observe (someone or something

16. Storm chasing

16.1. 27/5000 person following storms

17. thrill

17.1. a sudden feeling of excitement and pleasure.

18. operate

18.1. control the functioning of (a machine, process, or system).