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Group Dynamics by Mind Map: Group Dynamics

1. Group think is an issue of everyone just agreeing to something out of excitement to later realize that it may not have been a good idea.

2. Nietzscheme is a kind of mental state that goes on in the group when the members think they can do no wrong in the gropu on the project.

3. There are many advantages as well as disadvantages in working in groups.

4. New node

5. Group Personalities

5.1. Initiator/Contributor

5.2. Information Seeker

5.3. Oppinion Seeker

5.4. Information Giver

5.5. Opinion Giver

5.6. Elaborator

5.7. Coordinator

5.8. Orientor

5.9. Evaluator

5.10. Energizer

5.11. Procedural Technician

5.12. Recorder

5.13. Encourager

5.14. Harmonizer

5.15. Compromiser

5.16. Gatekeeper

6. Conflict is a huge problem in Groups and will cause a great deal of issues

7. Pollyanna-ism is being overly optimistic

8. Disadvantages

9. People join groups for many reasons and some people join for the mandated participation, connection with members, endorsement of objectives, identity of association bestowed, and anticipated networking possability.

10. Purpose

11. Risky Shift Phenomenon

12. Group discussions usually arrive at more experimental, less conservative, and more risky conclusions than those made independantly.

13. If there is something that is more important you will fing that you do not have time to contribute to the group conflict

14. Leadership Qualities

14.1. Prior leadership qualities

14.2. Vision creation and passion

14.3. Appreciation of challenge

14.4. Constructive discontent

14.5. Dissatisfaction with the status quo

14.6. Practicality

14.7. Willingness to take on responsibility

14.8. Diligence

14.9. Rationality

14.10. Admiration of peers

14.11. Charisma

15. Advantages