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Non-Fiction by Mind Map: Non-Fiction

1. The Example of Literary Works

1.1. Scientific Treaty or Essay

1.1.1. Descent of Man Chapter I by Charles Darwin

1.2. Travel Writing

1.2.1. The Color Curtain by Richard Wright

1.3. Political Address

1.3.1. Let A New Asia and Africa Be Born by Soekarno

1.4. Lecture

1.4.1. Lecture II. The Hero As Prophet Mohamet: Islam" by Thomas Carlyle

1.5. Sermon

1.5.1. City Upon A Hill by John Winthrop

1.6. Almanac

1.6.1. Poor Richard's Almanac part "1741-41" by Benjamin Franklin

1.7. Pamphlets

1.7.1. Modest Proposa by Jonathan Swiftl

1.8. Essays

1.8.1. Essays ( Of Studies, Of Truth, and Of Friendship) by Francis Bacon

1.9. Preface

1.9.1. Preface to The English Dictionary by Samuel Johnson

1.10. Biographical Sketch and Memoir

1.10.1. When I Lived and What I Lived For by Henry David Thoreau

1.11. Literary Journalism

1.11.1. The Road to Wigan Pier Chapter I by George Orwell

2. Literary Works

2.1. Chronicle ( a historical writing, for instance : Almanac )

2.2. Travel Writing

2.3. Sermon

2.4. Letter

2.5. Personal Narrative

2.6. Literary Journalism

2.7. Essay

2.8. Journal

2.9. Biography, auto-biography ( memoir or narrative auto-biography )

3. Writing Styles

3.1. Narrative ( a type of detail writing in specific time or chronology)

3.2. Descriptive (making a brief description of something)

3.3. Expository ( explaining a topic, usually using data )

3.4. Argumentative ( discussing a topic by putting forward ourselves argument based on logical and factual thing.

4. Genres of Non-Fiction

4.1. Guide book (for human daily activity)

4.2. Textbook (such as subject books in school)

4.3. Reference book (for making a research in particular)

4.4. Lab Report (The result of research)

4.5. History Book (The real happening occurrence as if it's categorized as non-fiction)

4.6. Academic Paper (The research)

4.7. Travelogue (Someone's writing about his or her trip, including the experience, budget, and a little bit information)