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Instagram Marketing by Mind Map: Instagram Marketing

1. Instagram In General

1.1. What is Instagram?

1.1.1. Social media network

1.1.2. Owned by Facebook now

1.1.3. Based Around Media (mostly pictures) If you are not going to create good media, go home.

1.1.4. Instagram user demographics

1.2. Scroll through Spencer's Instagram

1.3. Steps

1.3.1. Set up Facebook Page

1.3.2. Set up an Instagram account

1.3.3. Convert the Instagram account to a business account

1.3.4. Create good content

1.3.5. Interact with followers

2. Instagram Ad Platform

2.1. Steps

2.1.1. Add Instagram to your Business Manager

2.1.2. Use the Ad Manager

2.1.3. Here is a step-by-step guide

2.2. Ad Types

2.2.1. Photo Ads

2.2.2. Video Ads Max 60 seconds long Square format Best if ad works without audio

2.2.3. Carousel Ads

2.2.4. Stories Ads

2.3. Video walk through

2.3.1. Objective

2.3.2. Ad set Audience Placements Budget & Schedule

2.3.3. Ad Format Media Additional creative

3. General To All Marketing

3.1. Know your audience

3.1.1. What do they want to... See Hear

3.2. KPI - Key Performance Indicators

3.2.1. Awareness Reach Reach & Frequency Brand awareness Local awareness

3.2.2. Consideration Website clicks Video views Reach & Frequency

3.2.3. Conversion Website conversions Dynamic ads on Instagram Mobile app installs Mobile app engagement

3.3. Have a clear conversion funnel

3.3.1. Ad

3.3.2. Landing page

3.3.3. Contact form

3.3.4. Phone

3.3.5. Meeting

3.4. Personal vs. Business

3.4.1. Personal

3.4.2. Business

3.4.3. Personal & Business

3.4.4. What does your target audience want to see?

4. Overview Of Event

4.1. Spencer Field

4.1.1. Orange Cube Group

4.1.2. Online Marketing for 6 years

4.1.3. Works with all major online marketing platforms, including Instagram and oversees $3-5 million in annual AdWords spending

4.1.4. Google certified

4.2. Our goal is to leave with an understanding of what Instagram is and how to use it for marketing, with a focus on the ad platform.

4.3. Agenda

4.3.1. Overview some marking principles

4.3.2. Overview Instagram

4.3.3. Overview Instagram Ads