Scholarship Bootcamp Seminar

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Scholarship Bootcamp Seminar by Mind Map: Scholarship Bootcamp Seminar

1. 1.Product Knowledge

1.1. Travel Ball Education

1.1.1. National

1.1.2. Regional

1.1.3. Select "Non Parents"

1.1.4. Local Travel Teams

1.2. Showcase Education

1.2.1. What is a showcase?

1.2.2. When should you start?

1.2.3. What should you get out of it?

1.3. College Placement Requirements

1.3.1. NCAA Div 1

1.3.2. NCAA Div 2

1.3.3. NAIA

2. 2. In-House Marketing Plan

2.1. Athletic Evaluation

2.1.1. This becomes your road map

2.1.2. You cant improve what you don't measure

2.1.3. Where can you get one?

2.2. Top Questions

2.2.1. Campus Life

2.2.2. Radius

2.2.3. Economic Needs

2.2.4. Intended Major

2.2.5. What the most important factor

2.2.6. What Story Are you telling?

2.3. Deciding factors

2.3.1. How will you make your final decision?

2.3.2. When will you make your final decision?

2.3.3. How important is playing your sport at the next level?

2.4. Video Marketing Materials

2.4.1. Short

2.4.2. Recent

2.4.3. Easily Accessable

2.5. Create Your Target List

2.5.1. Base this list on your previously discussed factors

2.5.2. Target 15-20 post due dilegence

3. 3.Direct Marketing Activities

3.1. Direct Mail

3.1.1. Be unique

3.1.2. Most unused

3.2. Direct E-Mail

3.2.1. Be short and draw emotion

3.2.2. Be sequencial

3.2.3. Be mindful of the time of year

3.3. Direct Phone Call/Voicemail Campaign

3.3.1. 95% of your competition is to scared

3.3.2. Path of least expense

3.3.3. Dialogue is power

3.4. Recomendations

3.4.1. Coaches

3.4.2. Scouts

3.4.3. Respected Evaluators Of Talent

3.5. References

3.5.1. Character

3.5.2. School Activities

3.5.3. Influencers

4. 4.Showcasing Plan

4.1. What Types

4.1.1. College Camps

4.1.2. Player Ranking Events

4.1.3. Who is there and why?

4.2. Where?

4.2.1. What Part of the map?

4.2.2. Do they have people who are ready

4.3. When?

4.3.1. When is the best time?

4.3.2. When is it too late?

4.4. Results we want at the events?

4.4.1. Data Not Drama

4.4.2. Feedback

4.5. Teams

4.5.1. Team needs to fit your plan

4.5.2. Do you need to be seen or placed?

4.5.3. Players of similar needs on the roster

5. 5.Decision Making Activities

5.1. Answers to Qualifying Questions

5.2. Family Disucssions

5.3. Family College Worksheet


6.1. Avg Family is spending 5-8K a year

6.2. Average Showcase is $250

6.3. College Cost are 80-180K

6.4. Youth Sports 15 Billion Dollars in 2017

6.5. Only 5% of HS athletes play in College

6.6. Most Coaches are way to busy to help each player individually

6.7. Your separation from your coach hurts you not them


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