Differences Between Input and Output Devices

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Differences Between Input and Output Devices by Mind Map: Differences Between Input and Output Devices

1. The keyboard can be used to type various types of documents, prepare spreadsheets, and create intriguing PowerPoints.

2. Input Devices

3. Keyboard

4. New node

5. The keyboard is similar to a typewriter and would allow students to become familiar with the keys on the keyboard. There are more keys on the keyboard which allow the user to perform different functions. The keyboards can also adapt to both right and left handed users by switching the key's function. Supervision must be provided at all times, so students are not banging on the keyboard which might damage or break the keyboard and the keys.

6. The monitor will allow for the best quality of picture to be seen when viewing information, watching training videos or taking quizzes such as AR quizzes on the computer.

7. The computer monitor looks very similar to a television screen that allows the user to view all of the information on the screen visibly. You can make several adjustments to the monitor to allow for a better picture, a lighter or darker image, or the way words or pictures are displayed on a screen. Again supervision must be provided at all times trying to avoid students turning the adjustment knobs in appropriately, putting their hands and fingers on the screen and also to be able to view the content that is being displayed on their screen for appropriateness.

8. New node

9. Monitor

10. Output Devices