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Inglese 01 by Mind Map: Inglese 01

1. XIX Century

1.1. S.T. Coleridge

1.1.1. Importance of immagination Primary immagination Secondary immagination

1.1.2. Importance of Fancy Mechanical ability to use metaphors or alliteration in his works

1.1.3. The rime of the Anciant Mariner

1.1.4. Kupla Khan

1.2. Wordsworth

1.2.1. Recollection in tranquility

1.2.2. The solitary reaper

1.2.3. I wandered Lonely as a Cloud

1.3. Keats

1.3.1. Negative capacity

1.3.2. La belle Dame sans Merci

1.4. Byron

1.4.1. Byronic hero (mysterious man)

1.4.2. She walks in Beauty

1.4.3. We’ll go no more a-roving

1.5. Shelley

1.5.1. A tempestuous life

1.5.2. England in 1819

2. Jane Austen

2.1. Pride and Prejudice

3. Victorian Age

3.1. Reform and factory acts

3.2. Great exhibition in Crystal Palace, London

3.3. Third reform act (1884): all male can vote

3.4. Victorian compromise: Sunday school for children that has to work during the week. Respectability = moralist and hypocrisy

3.5. Barry Lyndon

3.6. Dickens

3.6.1. Hard work and be honest

3.6.2. Critical against Victorian age

3.6.3. Paternalism

3.6.4. Oliver Twist Oliver wants some more

3.6.5. David Copperfield (story of Dickens) Shell I ever forget those lessons?

3.7. Hardy

3.7.1. Tess of the D’Urbenvilles

3.8. Oscar Wild

3.8.1. The picture of Dorian Gray