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Space by Mind Map: Space

1. Space is a place with no sound, billions of stars and galaxies. Throughout history people have wondered about space. Some important featurs about space are....

2. Gravity

2.1. Gravity keeps earth and the other planets in our solar system in orbit around the sun. Gravity is the glue that holds together entire galaxies.

3. The hottest planet is Venus and the coldest plane is Neptune. The biggest planet is Jupiter, the smallest planet is mercury. Mars is made of red dust and rocks.

4. Planets

5. The hubble telescope

5.1. The Hubble telescope was named after Edwin Hubble the astronomore. The Hubble telescope got sent into space because the anisfare that sarounds the earth makes it hard to see objects in space from earth. The Hubble telescope is 43.5 feet long it also weighs 24,500 pounds and coast $2.5 billion dollars. At the heart of the Hubble telescope is its eight foot diameter primary mirror

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