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GUI vs CLI by Mind Map: GUI vs CLI

1. GUI

1.1. WM

1.1.1. types of WM Dynamic window manager stacking window manager compositing window manager

1.1.2. functions allow resizing and moving the window around manage window Control the placement and appearance of window

1.2. DE

1.2.1. types of DE LXDE KDE GNOME

1.2.2. main component desktop windows menus

1.2.3. other application in DE types of browser Mozilla Firefox Opera Waterfox Safari Lynx. Netscape Google Chrome types of file explorer Konqueror file manager Krusader file manager Dolphin file manager Nautilus file manager types of office automation LiberOffice OpenOffice AbiWord Calbre

1.2.4. functions tools which makes easier for user to use computer components include WM panels, menus, file manager, browser for more integrated than WM

2. CLI

2.1. function of shells

2.1.1. acts as an interface between the user and the kernel.

2.1.2. it is a command interpreter

2.1.3. allows user to execute a command

2.1.4. user interface for access to an operating system

2.1.5. to provide instructions and data to the operating system, interactively.

2.2. types of shells and the founder

2.2.1. Bourne Shell S.R.Bourne

2.2.2. C Shell Bill Joy

2.2.3. Korn Shell David Korn

2.2.4. Bash Shell Brian Fox

2.2.5. Almquist Shell Kenneth Almquist