Types of Healthcare Information Technologies

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Types of Healthcare Information Technologies by Mind Map: Types of Healthcare Information Technologies

1. Computerized Provider Order Entry

1.1. Any system in which clinicians can directly place orders electronically, with the orders transmitted directly to the recipient.

2. Clinical Decision Support Systems

2.1. Tools designed to sift through digital data to suggest next steps for treatments, alert providers to available missed or not yet seen information, notice potential problems such as drug interactions.

3. Computerized Disease Registries

3.1. Offers the ability to effectively identify and manage patients with a particular condition across a region.

4. ePrescribing

4.1. Allows for a prescriber to digitally send an accurate, error-free and legible prescription to a pharmacy.

5. Electronic Medical Record Systems

5.1. Digital paper records containing general information such as treatment and medical history about a patient as it is collected the the individual medical practice.

6. Consumer Health IT Applications

6.1. A wide range of hardware, software, and Web-based applications that allows patients to participate in their own health care via electronic means.

7. Telehealth

7.1. A variety of technologies used to deliver virtual medical, health and educational services.