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Marbury v. Madison by Mind Map: Marbury v. Madison
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Marbury v. Madison

Decided in 1803

The Chief Justice was John Marshall

Established Judicial Review, bringing the Judicial branch to a more even power basis with the Executive and Judicial branches

Before leaving office, Adams tried to fill federal judgeships and make appointments, which were not delivered by the time Adams left office. Jefferson argued that the appointments were invalid and ordered Madison not to deliver them. Marbury was supposed to get one of those appointments, which caused a disagreement, leading to the court case.

Majority Opinion: Unanimous Supreme Court ruling; case ended wtih neither Marbury nor Madison winning

Dissenting Opinion: Marbury felt entitled to his appointment; Madison felt that delivering the appoinment would be in distaste

Marbury v. Madison is a landmark case in US law and the basis for the exercise of judicial review of Federal statutes of the Supreme Court of the US under Article III of the US Constitution