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Abortion by Mind Map: Abortion

1. Effects

1.1. Effects of taking an Abortion

1.1.1. Abdominal Pain

1.1.2. Vomiting

1.1.3. Spotting and Bleeding

1.1.4. Diarrhea

1.1.5. Nausea

1.2. Effects in Society

1.2.1. Abortion and Men The traditional role of men has been to provide and protect. Abortion has fractured that role for many men, leaving them confused as to what their role now is.

1.2.2. Abortion and Children One of the main arguments abortion advocates used was that unwanted children were victims of child abuse

1.2.3. Generation Y This generation has grown up with legal abortion and in many case have, in some way or another, been affected by it.

1.2.4. Economic Growth These missing consumers have meant fewer sales of many products and services over the years, such as disposable nappies, toys, shoes, clothes, school books, weetbix and Happy Meal

1.2.5. Aging Society There are a lot of elderly people than young people

2. Solutions

2.1. Self Control

2.1.1. If not yet ready, control yourselves having sex.

2.2. Highly quality of Sex Education

2.2.1. Learning more about the Nature of Sex

2.3. Access to Birth Controls

2.3.1. Men should have condoms in order to avoid the girl getting pregnant and Women should also have Birth Pills

3. Suggestions and Recommendations

3.1. Abortion should not be legalized

3.1.1. For me, Killing is really not okay that's why i am not in favor of legalizing Abortion

3.2. Know more about Family Planning

3.2.1. Knowing about Family Planning can help some of them in avoiding having pre-marital sex because they are not that really ready yet and they do have plans in the future.

3.3. Approve birth controls

3.3.1. It can also help to decrease the rate of abortions

3.4. Be Strict

3.4.1. I suggest that the parents should be strict to their children to avoid such things like having sex

3.5. Learn how to control temptations

3.5.1. Learn how to decide properly in order to avoid getting pregnant while you are not yet ready.

4. Salient History

4.1. Premodern Era

4.1.1. Greco-Romand World herb silphium as an abortifacient and contraceptive

4.1.2. Natural Abortifacients a mixture of brewer's yeast and pennyroyal tea as "a safe and certain abortive"

4.1.3. Attitude towards Abortion The Stoics believed the fetus to be plantlike in nature, and not an animal until the moment of birth, when it finally breathed air. They therefore found abortion morally acceptable.

4.1.4. Christianity The early Christian work called the Didache (before 100 AD) says: "do not murder a child by abortion or kill a new-born infant."

4.1.5. Judaism From a Jewish perspective from biblical times, abortion is considered from a social perspective more than from a theological perspective.

4.2. Modern Era

4.2.1. Criminalization

4.2.2. Abortion Methods

4.2.3. Advertising for Abortifacients and Abortion Services

4.2.4. Abortion Legislation

4.2.5. Abortion Law Reform Campaign

4.2.6. Liberalization of Abortion Law

4.2.7. Development of Contemporary Abortion Methods

4.3. Abortion around the World

4.3.1. China Chinese government made abortion illegal

4.3.2. India Indian Penal Code

4.3.3. Japan acceptance of abortion

4.3.4. Romania Romania legalized abortion but also turned into illegal

4.3.5. Thailand abortions became legal in cases of rape or foetal impairment.

5. Problems

5.1. Abortion is not safe

5.1.1. Some doctors may undergo unsafe abortion

5.2. Abortion hurts women

5.2.1. Increased risk of anxiety, depression, and suicide

5.2.2. Increases the risk of placenta previa

5.2.3. Can cause breast cancer

5.3. Religious problem

5.3.1. In 10 Commandments,#5 Thou shall not kill.