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Food Safety by Mind Map: Food Safety
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Food Safety

Temperatures of cooked foods

Beef, Roasts of pork, veal, and lamb needs to be cooked to 145F for 4 min

Seafood like fish, shellfish, and crustaceans also steaks/chops of pork, beef, veal, and lamb, eggs that will be severed right away cooked to 145F for 15 seconds

Ground meat, injected meat, Ground seafood, eggs that will be hot-held for service should be cooked at 155F for 15 seconds

Cooked fruits or vegetables along with grains and legumes should be kept at 135F at least

Poultry, Stuffing made with TCS ingredients, Stuffed meat, seafood, poultry, or pasta cooked at 165F for 15 seconds

Mircowave food should be cooked to 165F for 15 seconds

Danger Zone

41F to 135F

Refrigeration Temperature

41F or lower

Holding Temperature

Hot Food

Cold Food


Dry Storage

Freezer Temperature

Meat Preparation and Handling Temperature

When preparing meat you need to make sure that you don't cross-contamination with different kinds of food.

Fish Preparation and Handing Temperatures

Fish Temperature

When preparing fish you don't want to cross-contamination with other kinds of food.