Difference between output and input devices

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Difference between output and input devices by Mind Map: Difference between output       and input devices

1. Input devices

1.1. "Any computer device that you might use to enter date into the computer" (Lever-Duffy & McDonald).

1.2. Example Device: Electronic Whiteboard

1.3. Benefits: Can be used to interact with programs on the computer, ipad, etc. in full view of the classroom.

1.4. Challenges: Can be a challenge to use if one doesn't have training, our classroom support materials, can be overwhelming to get started with utilizing full features

1.5. Application to learning: When used with a projector, students could take quizzes with clicker technology and interact with the electronic whiteboard technology.

2. Output devices

2.1. Used to move information out of the computer, from an electronic form to a hard copy (Lever-Duffy & McDonald).

2.2. Example Device- LCD projector

2.3. Benefits-Information can be displayed from a computer, iPad, and be used to interact with an electronic whiteboard

2.4. Challenges: The text notes that projection to a whiteboard will result in glare from the white boards glossy surface (Lever-Duffy & McDonald). A white matte surface is best for projection purposes.

2.5. Application to Learning: If used with an interactive whiteboard, the students and teachers can utilize in presentation and interaction with information.