Three types of Instruction

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Three types of Instruction by Mind Map: Three types of Instruction

1. Face to Face Pros

1.1. Common

1.2. Interpersonal

1.3. Home, school, and extracurricular exposure

1.4. Traditional

2. Distance Learning Pros

2.1. Far reaching

2.2. Convenient for learners with mobility problems

2.3. Implements technology

3. Blended Pros

3.1. See teacher demonstrations

3.2. Work with Hands-on activities

3.3. Chances to Build, Perform and participate in Labs

4. Distance Learning Cons

4.1. Lacks personal communication

4.2. May call into question students integrity

4.3. Less sense of classroom community

5. Face to Face Cons

5.1. Outdated

5.2. Limited only to people in direct contact

5.3. Void of technology

6. Blended Cons

6.1. Digital divide may be apparent

6.2. One area may be given more weight