Distribution of Short Films

Research looking into the distribution of short films.

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Distribution of Short Films by Mind Map: Distribution of Short Films

1. A distibutor is an individual or organisation that will promote, represent and attempt to sell a short film to television, airlines and other such mediums which use short films. The most widely recognised short film distributors include organisations such as Dazzle, Futureshorts and Shorts International.

2. A huge form of short film distribution, festivals are used mostly to bring publicity and attention to short films. There are many different short film festivals ranging from the Brief Encounters film festival in Bristol, England to the 242 Short Film festival in Rome, Italy. These are the primary method for a new film maker to get their short film noticed and distributed. They are mostly attended by critics, film makers and fans of the short film.

2.1. New node

3. Distributors

4. Short Film Festivals

5. The Internet

5.1. The internet is a global network which connects people all over the world. In modern times, the internet has become very accessible through a range of devices such as computers, phones and game consoles. This means that it has become perhaps the most popular form of communication.

5.1.1. YouTube

5.1.2. Websites such as YouTube have changed the

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