Mobile Apps Mind Map

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Mobile Apps Mind Map by Mind Map: Mobile Apps Mind Map

1. Video Apps

1.1. Magisto Video Editer

1.1.1. This app allows teachers and students to take their photos or clicks and create a longer video. This app also allows the videos to be shared with other platforms.

1.2. PBS Kids Video

1.2.1. Although this app doesn't allow students to create their own videos, it is filled with hundreds of educational videos for our students to watch! This app is constantly being updated with new feature videos for students to enjoy.

1.3. VoiceThread

1.3.1. This app allows users to create posts with audio, videos, and even writing. This is a great tool to spark discussions in classrooms for students who maybe scared to talk in front of others.

1.4. Green Screen by Do Ink

1.4.1. This app allows users to upload or create videos in the app. Users can then use tools in the app to make their photos or videos unique to help tell their story.

2. Photo Apps

2.1. Cluster

2.2. Cluster is a private mobile app for students to share photos. Students can use it like social media and share their photos with other classmates. It won't be share out to other people.

2.3. Google Drive

2.3.1. Google Drive is an app that teachers or students can use to store their documents. Students can store photos and share them with classmates. Same with the teachers. They can share it with others with the sharing options.

2.4. Photos

2.4.1. is a built in app for iPhones. You can store photos into the app. Students can share to anyone just like cluster. It can be shared privately.

2.5. Dropbox

2.5.1. is an app that students can store files, work, and photos. Students can share this with anyone. This can work with any device, such as android and Ipads, etc.

3. Writing Apps

3.1. Seesaw

3.1.1. Seesaw is an app that parents and students can get. Students can write down what they've learned in class. Students can take photos and draw on it. Students can also take videos. Parents can also write to get involved.

3.2. Google Docs

3.2.1. With Google Docs, you can create a document. You can Publish your work everywhere and share it as well. You can also download on android or Apple products.

3.3. Evernote

3.3.1. Evernote is an app that you can either type or scan your stuff to edit. You can also add lists, photos, etc. This can also be downloaded in Android or Apple products.

3.4. Penultimate

3.4.1. Penultimate is an app that students can write digitally. They can write their notes or their paper on their iPad.

4. Collaboration Apps

4.1. Padlet

4.1.1. Padlet is a mobile app that can be found Padlet by Wallwisher, Inc. ‎Padlet. This app is great for student collaboration. With this app, teachers can create a board with a topic and each student can create a post. This app allows students to see all other classmates posts and it is up to the teacher to decide if their username is attached to the post or not. This app also allows students to create boards to share information with others.

4.2. SimpleMind

4.2.1. SimpleMind can be accessed through the app store ‎SimpleMind Lite - Mind Mapping This app has a free version and a paid version. Both versions are great for collaborating to create a mind map. This app allows students to add videos, pictures, and other links into their mind maps. You can access this app on Ipads, Iphones, Macs, Windows, and Android devices.

4.3. Educreations

4.3.1. Educreations can be accessed from the app store ‎Educreations This app allows teachers and students to share out lessons. Teachers can create their lessons with videos and demonstrations in this app and share them to the students and parents. Teachers can also have students create videos to demonstrate to peers how to solve a problem.

4.4. BaiBoard 3

4.4.1. This app is an interactive cloud based white board. It allows students to collaborate on

5. Search Apps

5.1. Twitter

5.1.1. Twitter can be found in the app store ‎TweetDeck by Twitter Twitter is great for students or teachers. This app allows an individual to post things, but it also allows you to search a certain topic. You can search many things on Twitter, such as people, places, topics, etc. You can search by a hashtag to find all tweets with that information tagged.

5.2. Kiddom Classroom

5.2.1. Kiddom Classroom can be found in the app store Kiddom Classroom by Kiddom Kiddom Classroom is a great search tool for teachers. This app allows teachers to share their lessons based on standards. Teachers can also search different lessons based on topic or standards.

5.3. Brain Pop

5.3.1. ‎BrainPOP Featured Movie Brain Pop is a great app that has hundreds of videos and lessons that students can search. Teachers can create a class on Brain Pop and share out lessons and assignments to students.

5.4. Pinterest

5.4.1. Pinterest is a great app for teachers to search for different lessons, activities, and even decorations for their classrooms. This app is easy extremely easy to use, simply type what you are looking for in the search bar.

6. Audio Apps

6.1. Audible

6.1.1. Audible is an audiobook app that students can listen to their books. Students can save their books on this app.

6.2. Anchor

6.2.1. Anchor is an app you can record your podcast. You can add sound effects, songs, and edit your podcast. You can share this for anyone to hear. You can also add voice messengers for listeners to hear.

6.3. Adobe Spark Video

6.3.1. is an app you can record your presentation. The max you can do for each slide is 30 seconds. You can also add background music and amazing background pictures to the presentation.

6.4. Voice Recorder HD

6.4.1. is an app that you can record your stuff with unlimited time. You can also upload your stuff to the dropbox. There is also background music. This can work with Windows and Linux.

6.5. Audio Memos

6.5.1. Audio Memos is an audio recording app that can record your voice. There is no time limit in your recording. You can record anything. You can email your recording. You can edit your recording, such as trimming, etc.