Revision through Free Writing

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Revision through Free Writing by Mind Map: Revision through Free Writing

1. How it sounds:

2. How it moves:

3. How it looks:

4. How it makes you feel:

4.1. "it was interesting"

4.1.1. I felt confused

4.1.2. I looked at my mom as more of a peer -- a person that didn't know everything

5. How it smells:

6. Where it is:

7. What's around it:


8.1. Introduction to revision

8.1.1. What words are within "re vision"...

8.1.2. A way writers expand and improve...

8.2. Intro to topic

8.3. Turn and talk about topic

8.3.1. Share what you've talked about

8.3.2. Teacher points out descriptive language in their comments

8.4. 5 minute Free Write

8.5. Share words used to describe Snakes

8.5.1. sinister

8.5.2. constrict

8.5.3. non-venimous

8.5.4. antivenom

8.5.5. paralyze

8.5.6. Australia

8.5.7. coil

8.5.8. fangs

8.5.9. shed

8.6. Fill out the graphic organizer

8.7. Create a rough draft with more detail