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The Crucible by Mind Map: The Crucible
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The Crucible

acts 1-4

The Girls

these are the girls that accused many people in the town of being witches all were lead by abigail williams and were also scared of her

Abigail Williams

necies to pairise and cousnte to betty she was the leader of the girls she is always the one how would first accuse the person of witch craft she was a key witnes in the witch trials in the court she clamed there were a bird in the court trying to kill her thretened to kill the girls if they told on her!!

Betty Parris

daughter to revrened paires and cousent to abigail williams was the first girl to be sick at the beging of the play and would not wake up in the first act she was algidle seen flying away on a broom she was younger than abigail and was also scared of abigail as well she accused many people of being witches and was a key compontent of convicting witches she also testfyed in many trials

Susanna Walcott

one of the girls that accused people of being witches she is scared of abigial

Mercy Lewis

was one of the girls that accused the people of salem of being witches she was one that followed abigails lead and was also scared of her

Ruth Putnam

daughter to Mr. putnam she was accused of accusing people of witch craft so that her father could buy there land. was one of the girls that were sick at the beging of the play followed abigail and accused many people of witch craft

Mary Warren

New servant to the Proctors she told Mr. proctor that she was lieing about seeing witches and also that all the other girls were lieing as well she also went in front of the court and tryed to tell the court all the other girls were lieing but when the other girls were brought in to the court and she was asked agine she turned back to abigail and the other girls claming that she was under the spirts controls she also accused Mr. proctor of being a witch at the trial.

The Religious Folk

these would be the religous leaders of the church they would have repersented the church in the trial they also would have signed the death warents and done some of the questioning in the trial

Reverend Parris

revrened of salem and father to betty parris and uncle to abigail more intrsted in his image than what was happing to the girls at the end of the play he tryed to help the condemened not be eecuted by geting them to confess but it did not work wile in court he lied to the judge about what he saw when he found the girls dancing in the woods

Reverend Hale

he is the expert in witch craft brought to salem to help find the witches he was also the lead person from the church he also signed all the death cintizes after mr. proctor was accused of being a witch he stormed out of court and sayed the church is not in aprovle of the trial any more when he came back in act 4 he tryed to get the court to prolong the execution but they would not.

The Accused

the people that were accused of witch craft and no of them are witches





Servant of Parris first person tobe accused of witch craft and also the first of the people to confess to the court that she had dealings in witch craft and that she was working for the devil she was spared from being executed because she had confessed  

Sarah Good


George Jacobs

was accused of witchcraft by Ruth Putnam

The Court Folk

people that work in or run the court in salem


person that is in the court over seeing the argment in the court


the person over seeing the trials of the witches and is over the judge


these are the other people that work for the court. they are not drictly responsbly for the trial but they are the people that do all the work in the trial



the most wealthy family in the town and had the most to gain from the trials

Francis Nurse

old husband of rebecca nurse tryed to help in the court but could not