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PyWeb31 - Lithning Talks by Mind Map: PyWeb31 - Lithning Talks
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PyWeb31 - Lithning Talks

Talk.js, Zohar Arad


a project of the FEDs community, Front End Developers


Replace Google/Facebook groups

using Node.js, server-side JS using V8, event-based async IO libraries, evented/async using OS-based libs

Many modules, ORM, Mongoos, ORM for MongoDB, Redis

Some PaaS vendors, Nodijitsu, CloudFoundry, Heroku &c

Node.js programming model

global entry points, public, to enable Rails-like auto-load magic, new Talk...

bootstrapping method, loads ORM

this issue applies to Node as well, want to keep scopes, each method call encapsulates its scope variables, when invoking functions, use apply, auto_load.apply(this, [params]);, or use bind:, function(file) { ... }.bind(this);

index.js, like __init__, initialization upon package load, in Node, to avoid packages conflicts, The scope is always limited to current file, not including imported files, To overcome this, use exports, determines what will be imported when doing require, example, module.exports = require('./talk');, require is like import in python

post.js, Define DB shcema using Mongoose, Untitled, module.exports = DB.Mongoose.model('Post', Post);

Changes the way you program

Makes you a better planner, not necessarily better programmer


Why mongo?, There are 4 main Eventualy Consistent data stores, Mongo, Web scale, Client protocol isn't HTTP, special client libraries, ORM's exist for Django, Couch, Riak, Nice feature of capability to traverse relation links in 1 query, Also, tune the C & P (CAP theory), Have 2 models, Subscription & free, Redis, Not really eventual consistent

Boorgle, Alon Burg


side project of Alon

A service for synchronizing contact information to friends mobile phone


sign up as a user

your contacts need connect their GMail account to the service

then change some contact detail

this changes the contact details automatically to the Gmail address book of your friends, which may synchronize with their mobile phones