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Civilization by Mind Map: Civilization

1. United States: Continent of North America. Get water from piping and plumbing. Farm but also buy food from grocery stores.

2. Mesopotamia: Invented the wheel, money, writing, and irrigation among many other things.

3. Culture

3.1. Mesopotamia: Enjoyed music, games, sporting events, that had epics like the Tale of Gilgamesh. They had regular religious ceremonies and festivals.

3.2. United States: Use cell phones, watch TV, go to concerts, the movies, etc. They celebrate holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, 4th of July. Men and women work in the community.

4. Religion

4.1. United States: Most are Monotheistic. Worship by reading holy books (Bible, Quran) and going to church. Pastors and Priests lead worship at church.

4.2. Mesopotamia: Polytheistic. Worshiped at a Ziggurat and left offerings for their gods. Believed that Priests talked to the gods and were the direct link to them.

5. Language/Writing

5.1. Mesopotamia: Cuneiform, written on clay tablets by scribes (only boys). Recorded trade deals, stories, and laws.

5.2. United States: Most write in English, top two languages spoken are English and Spanish. Record history, write letters, books. Everyone learns how to read and write.

6. Social Classes

6.1. Mesopotamia: Different social classes based off of people's jobs.

6.2. United States: Only differences are in economic status, the rich are athletes, actors, doctors and then homeless are the less fortunate.

7. Geography

7.1. Mesopotamia: Continent of Asia. Used the Tigris and Euphrates rivers to irrigate their fields. They farmed and raised animals.

8. Government

8.1. Mesopotamia: Kings and Priests were in charge. Kings power was passed down from father to son. Laws were unfair and cruel.

8.2. United States: President and congress. The people vote for their leaders. There are fair laws to keep people safe.

9. Inventions/Technology

9.1. United States: Have the internet, vehicles, social media, sports and many other things.