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essays by Mind Map: essays

1. compare and contrast

1.1. English is better than Spanish

1.1.1. English worldwide speak in every country tool for work Mexico its economy is based un US easy to understand

1.1.2. Spanish speak in America and some countries of Europe very complex rules difficult to learn

1.1.3. It's better english than spanish because it is easier to learn and way more necesarry to success in life.

2. example

2.1. Technology in school upgrade the classes

2.1.1. facilitate the work it's easier to gather information with computers in every room. power point presentation can show all the information in short words.

2.1.2. more dynamism to class not boring class, games in the internet the technology have a lot to give not only presentations technology make easier to make new things in class.

2.1.3. reliable sources everywhere looking for information in internet its safe and quick. if you know how to look on internet the sources you use are very reliable.