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Essays by Mind Map: Essays

1. Movies

1.1. Recognizing the genre of a film.

1.1.1. Genres. Comedy Comedy is the type of genre that causes a smile on your face. Comedy always tries to have very motivated actors. Drama Is the genre where strong situations occurs. Its the genre of the feelings, is where you may sense and feel all your emotions. Action Is the genre where you may see blood, guns, kicks and punches. The movie tents to have extreme parts. Through these information you may now recognized between a comedy, drama and action movie. You may now genre it yourself.

2. Dogs, the man's friend and pet

3. Mexican food

3.1. Mexican food is the best food on the whole wide world.

3.1.1. Tacos It's conformed of two ingredients or complements. Tortilla Meat

3.1.2. Soups Pozole This is a red color soup. It has meat, grain and beans, it's simply great. Pozole has other preparation way, instead of being meat and grains, it may be acelgas and wheat. Menudo It's taste is like no one other on the whole soups existing on earth ever. It's made of "pansita" and grain.

3.1.3. With this information we can see Mexico has the best kitchen existing on earth. I could even assume the you're now hungry.

4. Horses and Dogs

4.1. Dogs are better than horses.

4.1.1. Dogs are cheaper than horses. You may buy a horse in thousands of pesos and a dog not. Obviously a dog is smaller than a horse, that may be a reason their cheaper.

4.1.2. Dogs are easier to mantain than a horse. If you want a pretty horse you need to full up all it's necesities, this is a lot of money. The care of a horse includes the teeth care and the horseshoes, this is expensive.

4.1.3. Dogs are more friendly. Dogs take quicklier affection to his owner than a horse. Dogs always ask for cuddling, thats the way people show them them have love.

4.1.4. As we've seen dogs are better than horses in many ways, so if you are between a horse and a dog go instantly for the dog.