Outline + Assess Neo-Marxism views on ownership and control.

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Outline + Assess Neo-Marxism views on ownership and control. by Mind Map: Outline + Assess Neo-Marxism views on ownership and control.

1. Transnational Ownership

1.1. N-M's are concerned that the rise of transnational companies has led to culturla domination by American owned companies that promote western norms and values.

2. Theorists

2.1. Hall and his collegues at the center for contempory cultural studies at birmingham university contributed to n-m ideas. They analysed ways in which media professioals create media products that reflect and reinforce the power structures of society without much overt influence or control from media owners.

2.1.1. In a book Policing the Crisis (Hall et al.. 1995) they described the ways in which the media supported the police in at a time when they were questioned by socitey. The way that policing was described in the media seemed to ignore the questioning.

2.2. Fairclough (1995)

2.2.1. Fairclough developed ideas about how the media supported the polouc and other leagal structurs at times where many people where questioning their role in society. He studied the programme crimewatch and noticed the program described that of an ideal world in which the police and the public worked together to catch criminals, but it did not refer to any of the concerns of members of societu or communities who felt alienated from police.

2.3. New node

3. Concentration

3.1. N-M's understand that there is a ruling class , therefore meaning that they must see CONCENTRATION, ownership is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands. However they believe that what is being shown in the media is a consequence of middle class values.

4. They are particularly interested in the ways in which the culture of the ruling class is dominant in society and shapes the activities of the people. The term HEGEMONY is used in neo-marxism and refers to the dominance of a particular set of ideas.