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Software Development by Mind Map: Software Development

1. Java

1.1. Language

1.1.1. Version <= 7 Fundamentals Language Fundamentals Classes and Objects Inheritance Interfaces Inner Classes Generics Exception Handling Threads

1.1.2. Version = 8 Lambda Expressions Method References Functional Interfaces Interface Changes Streams and Stream Filter forEach Optional Class Parrallel Sort

1.1.3. Version = 9 Java Module System

1.2. Platform

1.2.1. Standard (SE) Standard Libraries / Core Package Collections (JCF) - java.util Multithreading IO and File Operations - Math - java.math Networking - Non-blocking IO - java.nio Security - Database (SQL) - java.sql GUI - java.awt Text,Dates,Numbers - java.text Remote Method Invocation - java.rmi Extension Packages

1.2.2. Enterprise (JEE) Platform Basics Resource Creation Injection Packaging Web Tier Java Server Faces Facelets Expression Language Servlet API for Web Socket JSON Processing Bean Validation Introduction Advanced Contexts and Dependency Injection Web Services Introduction JAX-RS JAX-WS Alternative to JEE WS Enterprise Beans (EJB) Persistence Java Persistence API (JPA) JPQL 3rd Party Alternates Messaging Java Messaging Service (JMS) Security Supporting Technologies Transactions Batch Processing Resource Adapters Concurrency Utilities Alternatives to JEE TomEE (Open Source)

1.2.3. Development Fundamentals Project Structure Deploying,Packaging JAR ClassPath Setup Class Loading

1.2.4. JVM Execution Architecture Bytecode - Instruction set

1.3. Development

1.3.1. Tools JDK Maven Gradle Ant

1.3.2. Frameworks and Libraries Developing Spring ORM Hibernate Templating Apache Velocity

1.3.3. Packaging

1.3.4. IDE Eclipse Netbeans

1.3.5. Domain Desktop Server Side Web Services Server Client Side - Web Languages Used Database Programming

1.3.6. Testing Unit Testing JUnit Performance Testing

1.4. Design

1.4.1. OOAD

1.4.2. Design Patterns

1.5. Paradigm

1.5.1. Object Oriented OOP Concepts in Java

1.5.2. Aspect Oriented

1.5.3. Function Oriented

2. .