Powerful Social Studies

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Powerful Social Studies by Mind Map: Powerful Social Studies

1. Meaningful

2. Integrative

2.1. Links The Past and The Present

2.1.1. The teacher asked the students to reflect on what the mission was like back when it began versus what it is like today.

2.2. Crosses Disciplinary Boundaries

2.2.1. The collaberative nature of the project had many different elements to it and therefore tied in different disciplines such as LAnguage Arts for the righting component, Art for the Drawing and poster design, and Technology for the powerpoint, research, and movie making elements.

3. Value Based

3.1. Involves Ethics

3.1.1. The teacher stated at the end how he focuses on the ethics side of the learning about missions and asks is this right what was happening to the indian people who worked in the missions.

3.2. Engages students in making decisions

3.2.1. Students were active in many decisions allong the way. Specifically, the teacher allowed the students to come up with the research qestions and brainstorm what the important things to focus on while allowing freedom for how their research is represented.

4. Challenging

4.1. Work productively with others

4.1.1. This project focused on collaboration and group work, with an element of team building and cooperation as the students had to negotiate their roles within the group and help others to complete the project

5. Active

5.1. Active Via discusion, readings, and writing

5.1.1. The mulitple dimensions of this project allowed students to learn through their class discusions on what each student took from the assignment, reading the research material, and writing the important information for presentation.

5.2. Hands on Minds on

5.2.1. The students were learning not only through research but through the construction of their projects. Many elements of the project had the students create something while representing their understanding of the missions