Social Studies Mind Map

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Social Studies Mind Map by Mind Map: Social Studies Mind Map

1. ***Economics:*** How has economics impacted America & Americans?

1.1. World war 1

1.1.1. Before the WW1 the economy was struggling, but as most wars do for countries our ecomy was improved because of the war. Working class Before the WW1 the economy was struggling, but as most wars do for countries our ecomy was improved because of the war.

1.2. The Great Depression

2. ***Migration*** What causes migration and how has it impacted America?

2.1. great migration/ harlem

2.1.1. It helps adds to the cultural diversity to our country

3. ***Technology*** How does technology impact society?

3.1. Leisure

3.1.1. When there are new techs (radio's) it connects us more as a country, and it allows us to have more of a identity

3.2. WW2 Tech

3.2.1. New and Powerful weapons can be very effective at ending war if only one side has them

4. ***Civil Rights:*** To what extent have the oppressed in America been able to attain an equality of life?

4.1. African Americans WW1/1920's

4.1.1. During times of war we always see civil rights improve.

4.2. Womans Progress

4.2.1. Women started to become more independent and started to challenge the "status quo"

4.3. WW2

4.3.1. Disenfranchised groups are needed and want to continue being needed in times when there is a connection issue.

4.4. This was a very unpopular war for all United states Citizens and United States soldiers.

4.4.1. This was one of if not the most unpopular war in American History. This was shown with all of the protests and rebellious acts but on by soldiers and citizens. This was the first time in American History that soldiers have been out spoken and really showed how much they hate the war they are fighting in. They began to throw all of there medals away and ran many protest over the city to prove there point.

4.5. Another reason many were very upset with the war was because it was started on false terms.

4.5.1. Going back on the lack of trust in the government this part of the war really did not help. Americans were attacked by Vietnam on August 2nd 1964. They never responded to this attack even though there were military shells from the Vietnamese army on the ship's decks. Then thought we were attacked on the 4th of August two days later. Which in turn we officially declare war on Vietnam and begin the war in Vietnam. Which infuriated the press and citizens of America once it was released because we went into this huge war for no reason at all.

5. ***Media*** To what extent does the media influence people?

5.1. Information

5.1.1. Makes it easier and much more of an affiance way to learn and see what is happening around the world.

5.2. WW2

5.2.1. The Media when necessary can be manifested to serve the greater good by innfulensing

6. ***Foreign Relations*** How have foreign entanglements influence America?

6.1. The Policy for the united states has always been to have containment over all types of communism, which was the reason we started this war.

6.1.1. The problem for this was Dwight Eisenhower really didn't have a choice of whether or not to start this war. Eisenhower even came out with a statement saying that he didn't know in the first place why american even got into this war. We can learn that there are maybe other ways to attack the containment policy because when he started the war he basically committed political suicide. Which was so bad he did not rerun for the office again.

6.2. This war could also be seen as a war trying to get back at the Soviet Union.

6.2.1. The whole point in the war was to end the spread of communism throughout the world. As I have said previously Dwight Eisenhower was not in support of this war and knew that it would be a slaughter. Although if he would have no made his presence felt when we were attacked that too would have been political suicide. He was trying to do the right thing that would help himself look better. Which for the president he should be thinking about the lives of our citizens. Which people began to realize and began to get really upset with.

7. ***Migration*** What causes migration and how has it impacted America?

8. Government

8.1. The Problem with the government was the lack of trust that was being created.

8.1.1. In the efforts to end the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon tried to use a policy of vietnamization. Which was his plan to replace all american soldiers in the war with South Vietnamese soldiers. This did not go according to plan, as in as soon as they tried it the North Vietnamese army absolutely destroyed the South's army. Which was ok and would have been fine because that was what everyone expected. But instead of saying this, Richard Nixon came out with a statement stating that they help up amazingly and that they were completely ready to fight. Which created a non-trust like environment for the whole entire United States.